Nikola News

Issue 59
May 2017

Many thanks to this month's model Janet Lester

Janet grew up a tomboy and came to love fabric and beautiful creations after her Home Ec class in junior high where she learned to sew. One of her favourite hobbies was to alter clothes that she had and she was always experimenting. 
Today, after her daughter helped her say good bye to her Mom jeans she has become "happening" and she enjoys finding one of a kind pieces and putting together outfits that are not only beautiful but honour nature and the artisans who create the pieces. 

Grizas White Linen Shirt and Italian Linen Pants. Jana Shoes. Bhawana Clark Jewellery. 
Shirt also available in Black, Grey, & Green 
Pant also available in light Grey. 
Linen Scarf is Grizas and also available in steel grey blue.


Banana Blue Linen Dress.  Jewellery new local calgary designer.  Bracelet is Anne B.

Chalet Linen Dress/Tunic.  Also in Black.  Capris Bryn Walker.


Italian Linen Long Jacket also in Light Grey.  Tunic also in Black, Light Grey and Steel Blue Grey. Gemstone jewellery new local designer. Front Row Society Silk Scarf.



Bryn Walker High Low Tunic and High Low Skirt in Linen. Jana Shoes. 

Super soft 100% Cotton T-shirt from Bryn Walker.  Necklace is a Sonja Creation.  


Tencel Capris by Stella Carakasi.

Grizas Silk Scarf also in Blue and Brown.  Capris and Tunic are also Grizas.  Necklace is Soma Mo.




Grizas Jacket and Capri in Linen,  Grizas Tunic is 100% Silk.  Tunic also available in Teal.  Necklace is a Sonja Creation.

Linen Dress/Tunic by Grizas.  Also available in Tan. 


Italian Linen Tunic also in White.  Capris are Crea Concept.  

Stella Carakasi Cotton Tunic. 

Italian Cotton Tunic; also available in light Tan.  Jewellery is Soma Mo.


Grizas Linen Tunic also in Cream and Tan.

Cut Loose Cotton T-shirt also available in White with a Grey stripe.     

Crea Concept Tencel Dress/Tunic and Capri.


Fabulous Scarf by Front Row Society

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