May FILCO Industry News
May 2018
Executive Note
President Trump is introducing a rescission package that cuts $15 Billion in already approved spending from the federal budget with $7 Billion deducted Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and $800 Million from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation program created by the Affordable Care Act. The Congressional appropriations committee has 25 days to approve or block the package and then Congress has 45 days to vote on the measure. Both of these programs have an indirect impact on our industry so it is important for all benefit specialists to stay up to date on plans coming out of Washington to evaluate its impact to our industry. Throughout this process, FILCO will be posting updates via our social media outlets and FILCO Blog to help keep you abreast of these changes.
Carrier Highlights
Oscar Healthplans
Are you showing your NJ clients Oscar? 3rd quarter rates are now online and with a 3% decrement compared to 2nd quarter rates!

Small Business Federal Tax Credits
Clients with fewer then 25 full time employees may qualify for tax credits. Click here to learn more about the Oscar option with New York State of Health's Small Business Marketplace (Shop)
Empire BCBS

Recently Released 3rd quarter rates for NYC, Long Island and Mid-Hudson are now available.
Just announced Healthpass will now offer UnitedHealthcare specialty dental and vision products.
I.R.S. 2018 HSA limit
Please note that the I.R.S. has once again modified 2018 annual limit for HSA family contributions. The new adjusted limit is now $6,900 in March of 2018 the contribution was reset at $6,850 but after further input from regulatory agencies, it was reverted back to the original 2018 limit of $6,900.
New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Bill
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed A1827 (New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act) into law; which will take effect in 6 months. New Jersey will now enact paid sick leave to provide earned compensation for workers who miss work due to illness or needing to take care of sick loved one. The bill will allow workers to accrue one hour of earned sick leave for every 30 hours worked, capped at 40 hours each year.
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PEO Update - Power Lunch
Hosted by FILCO's PEO Sales Manager Colleen Visconti
Thursday May 10, 2018
Lunch will be served at Noon
Cask Republic | 99 Washington Street #2 | Norwalk Connecticut
Seating is limited to first 40 registrants LAST CHANCE!
Senior Care Update
Why is Plan F is always a popular choice amongst seniors for Medicare Supplement? Presenting a High Deductible Plan F is an excellent alternative for seniors to consider. Low monthly premium is attractive for both high income wage earners with a high Part B cost and for those lower income seniors who are on a budget.  With premium savings in NYC around $225 monthly or $2,700 annually the main difference is that the high deductible F has a $2,240 deductible before the member has 100% coverage. Even if they hit the maximum, in most cases it works out to their financial advantage. See the attached Globe Life Insurance Co. of NY rates for 2018. Contact us to get contracted easily online - no certification testing required!
FILCO has also recently added Transamerica Premier Life to our Medicare Supplement product offering in NJ. Transamerica’s rates are very competitive in NJ for Plans G & N. 
Specialty Update - Sun Life Dental
Sun Life PPO Network
Time to take another look
  • The Sun Life Dental Network is now one of the largest in the country
  • The network includes over 125,000 unique dentists.
  • The Sun Life PPO comparison tool allows you to see how Sun Life stacks up to the other providers in your area.
  • For more information about Sun Life Dental opportunity click here
NAHU Update
Confused about what Universal Healthcare means? With all of the talk about a Single Payer HealthCare System in New York State, many people seem to equate "Single Payer" with "Universal Healthcare". They are not the same thing! Universal Healthcare simply means that everyone has health insurance. Single Payer is only one of the various ways to accomplish this. Please click on the Universal Healthcare infographic that demonstrates other means of funding Universal Healthcare.
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