May 2016

Welcome Justin Martin 

It is with great excitement that I introduce myself to you all as the new business manager at the Riverdell Spiritual

My name is Justin Martin, I am 40 years old and I currently reside with my young family in the Adelaide Hills. I am blessed with a beautiful wife Sarah and we have two young children Dylan aged seven and Skye aged six who certainly keep us on our toes.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have travelled quite extensively, having spent time in Nepal, India, and South East Asia as well as much of Europe. One of the many highlights of the time that I spent travelling includes the week that I spent in the Indian Himalayas, visiting the Thekchen Chöling Temple, the home of the Dalai Lama and the spiritual centre of the Tibetan Government in exile. 

Ensuring that life is full of wonder and adventure is still a great passion of mine, however my travels are now much closer to home and because the beauty of nature and the great outdoors always leaves me feeling wonderful, I love to go camping with my family and friends as well as mountain bike riding and kayaking.

I bring to the role of business manager a range of experiences and skills, in particular marketing, that I will employ with a view to see Riverdell thrive over the coming years, whilst still maintaining the integrity and traditions of the organisation that have created such a strong foundation for the future success of the Riverdell Spiritual Centre. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Directors for entrusting me with this responsibility.

I consider it a great honour and a privilege to be trusted with this position and it will be with genuine enthusiasm, focus and an open heart that I will devote myself to the Riverdell Spiritual Centre and the community that makes it such a special place.

I can't wait to meet you all in time and to introduce myself in person.

Warmest Regards,
Justin Martin 
Joyous June
If you are seeking to discover more about yourself, to embrace a fresh beginning in life or to simply be more present in day to day living, we have some great events to support you on this journey.

Yin-sightful Yoga
Alternate Wednesdays. June 1st, 15th & 29th. July 27th
9.30 - 11.00am  Fee $7/session 

Find the 'Yin' within. With reclined or seated poses to help you slow down, unwind & reconnect with the inner you.
Click  here for more information. 

Stillpoint Meditation 
Altern ate Wednesdays June 8th, 22nd. July 6th
9.30 - 11.00am  Fee $7/session

Calm your mind & relax your inner being in a supportive group environment.
All welcome no prior experience necessary. Click  here for more details.

Miracle of Silence  
Saturday June 11th 1-5pm
Early bird price $20 by June 3rd. After Early Bird price $40 

Practising  silence in a supportive  group gives you an opportunity for reconnection with the Inner Self - that part which allows for deeper knowing of your internal  truth. Click here for more information and to book tickets.

Celebrating Earth's Sacred Cycles - Winter Solstice
Saturday June 18th  6 -7pm
Fee: Donations appreciated

A time of ritual & sacred celebration of the earths' rhythms. The Winter solstice is the shortest day, longest night of the year and is a time of inner reflection. Click  here   for more information.

Morning Tea
Tuesday to Friday 11.00-11.30am  

Join us Tuesday to Friday  for an opportunity to relax and make connections. Kindly let us know you will be attending. Details  here

Experience the power of  Attunement, a non-touch energy support technique. 
Please ring the office for an appointment time.   Like to know more about Attunement?  Click here.

Sunday Mornings
June 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th .
Chanting from 9:30am. Presentation from 10am. Morning tea to follow at 11:30

A time of inspiring presentations, performances, creative expression and group attunement. All our Sunday services are followed by a refreshing morning tea. All welcome. Find out more  here
  Meme of the Month


The Call of Nature 

Recently it was suggested to me that I might like to keep a Nature Journal. 
The nature journal would consist of recording my observations about the environment around me and what it may have to say, if anything, about my life. I was somewhat skeptical that nature had inside information about my life that I was somehow overlooking however I was curious enough to find out. So fully embracing the Sherlock Holmes aspect of my nature I set out to investigate.
The guidelines I was set to follow for my journaling involved sitting down for ten minutes and writing.  Seemed easy enough - however, finding a spare ten minutes throughout my day seemed like a stretch and it was something that I found myself resenting and resisting. You see, I'm a working mum of two teenage boys so in my house there is always something to do.
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Sporting Success - How Teams Use Spiritual Principles 
I love football season.
I'm a keen supporter and love watching how good games unfold. High up in the stands, I can see the set plays taking place and I have a deep appreciation for all the planning and preparation that's involved in success.
As I watch interviews with the coaches and players, I've become aware that good teams base their success upon using spiritual principles in a particularly practical way.  It's not really surprising - all success has a basis in practical spirituality, I've found.  And I think "if they can do it, everyone can use these same principles".  Here's a few I notice:
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Poem of the Month
Meet Me Here
Vicki Edwards 
I stand, my fingers gnarly now,
a vast plain round me
blue arc above.
I wait
silence round me complete.
A voice behind
causes me to turn
and turning
I stir my own voice.
A breath,
it curls out from me
merges with the voice
I heard behind.
It is the voice of a fellow traveller
One who dwells
deepens the Light
in her shining.
Her arms are smooth,
skin alive, hair
as yet the colour of night.
Eyes lock
the same eyes,
ancient eyes, knowing eyes.
In the depth of eyes we fuse,
the wrinkled and smooth-fleshed.
There is no barrier in Light,
only meeting,
dwelling, lingering in Love.
On a vast plain, blue arced sky above
it happened. And it is so.

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