We hope that you can join us for these upcoming events.
Kabbalat Shabbat Services 6:30 PM
Tonight - May 4th
Come together to welcome Shabbat, to sing, to pray, and to hear a story
or a brief D’var Torah.  
A dinner does not follow these services.

Please email Phyllis Werlin at pdwerlin@comcast.net if you plan to attend.
Shabbat Lunch with Marva Zohar, founder of Land Where Women Heal

Saturday May 5th 12:40-2pm
Please join us in welcoming Marva Zohar to Beth Israel Synagogue for this special Shabbat talk.

Marva is a visionary Israeli midwife, award-winning poet, and founder of the Israeli NGO Ohela and the Land Where Women Heal (LWWH). 

On the heels of the most successful crowdfunding campaign in Israel's history, and right after her TedX appearance, Marva is now on an international journey to build LWWH. This land will be a rehabilitation village for women who suffered from sexual violence. We wish that as many communities as possible will have the opportunity to partake in this vision, take part in the solution and healing for so many women living amongst us. 

Marva will be talking about her historic project to create this much-needed healing space and the ideas and stories behind it.
Shavuot Services
The Festival of Shavuot, marking the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, and the end of the 49 days of Omer, begins this year on Saturday evening, May 19th . The holiday continues on Sunday and Monday, May 20 and 21 . Temple Beth Israel will hold an early Tikkun Leyl Shavuot — the traditional evening study session and cheese cake, Saturday evening May 19, starting at 7:30 pm, followed by the evening service to begin the holiday which will begin around 9pm.
Morning services for Shavuot will be held on Sunday, May 20 at 9:00am and on Monday May 21 beginning at 7 am. Because Shavuot falls on a weekday, many will be working on those days. It is important that we have a minyan at our services, especially on Monday when Yizkor memorial prayers will be recited, so those attending may say Mourner’s Kaddish. Please make every effort to attend services on these days, and notify us that you are coming.  Services should last approx. 2.5 hours.
Blintzes will be served for breakfast after the morning services.
May's Friday Night Dinner and Service
Friday Night May 18th

The May Dinner and Service has been cancelled. We look forward to seeing everyone on June 15th for the next one.
Interfaith Bible Study: The Book of Judges
Co-taught by Rabbi David Finkelstein and
Pastor Tom Maehl
Once a month on Wednesdays @10:30am -12:00pm
May 9 at First Lutheran Church of Waltham ( 6 Eddy St ., behind Panera Bread)
June 13 at Temple Beth Israel
Subject of study: The Book of Judges

With the guidance of a multi-faith clergy team, come study stories that are sacred to all Abrahamic traditions about a time of great political instability after the death of Moses and before the first king was anointed in ancient Israel. Rabbi David Finkelstein and Pastor Tom Maehl will be co-teaching these Bible study sessions on the Book of Judges. NOTE: Please bring your own copy of the text.  

Participation is free and open to all.
Mussar Group: Character & Jewish Values  
facilitated by Rabbi David Finkelstein
Wednesday Evening
May 30, June   20
always 7:00-8:45 pm at Temple Beth Israel
With Spring TBI’s Mussar Group returns. Come be supported by your neighbors and by your friends, by your friendly neighborhood rabbi and by Jewish tradition, as we all try to listen to the teacher within. In our pursuits of closeness to God, spiritual and emotional balance, and wholeness, the Jewish tradition of Mussar can be a great help and a superb source of sustenance. 
All are welcome to explore a new attribute (like humility or gratitude) every month with the spiritual technology of Mussar on the table.
Jewish Singing Circle 
a new initiative by Rabbi David Finkelstein
Saturday Afternoon
May 26, June 23
always 1:30-2:30 pm at Temple Beth Israel
We’ve explored Hasidic melodies from Bobov and from twentieth century composers and family melodies from Morris Hollender z”l (may his memory be for a blessing). We’ve sung waltzes, marches, lullabies, and meditative tunes. In the coming months, we will explore Sephardic melodies, more Hasidic melodies, and who knows what else! The name of the game is exploration and experimentation with Jewish music. Come join the team. Use the voice and the breath God gives you to explore the musical and emotional possibilities of wordless Jewish melodies (niggunim). 
Participation is free and open to all.
Shabbat Kiddush Sponsors
· February and March Kiddush lunches are looking for sponsors. Contact the Temple office to schedule yours today.

May 5 - Rabbi's Sara and David in honor of Sara's Birthday

May 12 - Shectman Bar Mitzvah

June 2 - In honor of Ed Kaufman and Ellie Handel

The cost to provide our Kiddush lunch for our usual attendance of 30 to 40 people is about $150. To ensure that we can continue providing Shabbat lunches into the future, we ask those who attend Shabbat services regularly to sponsor a Shabbat lunch once or twice during the year.
Monday and Thursday we have morning minyan at 7:00am and Saturday Services begin at 9:00am.

If you need to ensure a minyan on a Monday or Thursday, please contact the Temple Office 781-894-5146 at least 2 days in advance so that we can make sure we have 10. 
Outside Happenings
CJP Scholarship
Opportunity for Students

The Combined Jewish Philanthropies Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to eligible financially needy undergraduate students in the Boston area.  Primary consideration is given to Jewish students. Under certain circumstances, one-year Israel programs are considered.
The deadline for applications is  April 30/May 15, 2018

Attention Knitters and Crocheters

My name is Heather and I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the Care Dimensions Hospice House, a new 18 bed in-patient hospice facility located on the Waltham-Lincoln town line by the Cambridge Reservoir. We strive to make the Hospice House a warm, home-like setting and place a handmade lap-sized afghan or quilt in each patient’s room for their use during their stay and to keep as a keepsake. We have been doing this for many years at our other hospice facility, Kaplan Family Hospice House in Danvers. This kindness is made possible by the generosity of local artisans who so lovingly donate their time and handiwork to us. I am reaching out to see if your community - or others you may know - would be interested in helping us?
You can learn more about the Care Dimensions Hospice House at  https://www.caredimensions.org/hospice-care/care-dimensions-hospice-house.cfm
Please feel free to contact me by phone  781-373-6509  or e-mail  hmerrill@caredimensions.org .
Thank you so very much!
Warmest wishes,