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Volume 15 Issue 1May 2014
Welcome To Summer!
Okay, so maybe the "official" start of summer is actually in June but don't you think that we are close enough to just declare it summer?  This months'  
newsletter will focus on things that are a part of summer--fuel, food & fun. Hopefully our pointers can help your summer budget stay on track. 
If you have ideas to share with us, we would love to hear them!
Fuel Prices--Can Someone Explain?
It seems that every time you go to the pump, there is a price increase and frankly, they don't always make sense, at least in my opinion.
We may not be able to control the gas prices but we can control some things that will help our gas mileage. (keep tires properly inflated, reduce trips back & forth across town, keep car tuned up, watch your speed) Hopefully this article can explain some of the reasons the price at the gas pump fluctuates.

Summer Food Costs

One of the best things about summer is the food; 

more outdoor cooking, farmers' market trips & fresher produce.  Still, with fuel prices on the rise, food prices are on their way up too. This article has some great suggestions for helping keep your food budget on track this summer.

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 Summer Fun

We all want to have FUN in the summer but rising costs can make our excursions not quite so entertaining. There are options for fun that won't drain your wallet but sometimes you have to be creative.

Plan some "staycations" in your home area. Sometimes we don't always take advantage of things in our own back yard. Sharing a hotel or condo with family/friends as you travel is another money saving idea. Camping can be fun & costs less than a hotel room.

Check out the ideas from some savvy savers on how their summer fun doesn't break the bank.

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