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Volume Five: 4th Edition                                                                  May 2017

From Larry's Desk...   
The Search for a New Pastor

     If you have attended Sunday worship in the past month or so, and have heard John Ellsworth's announcements as Chair of Church Council, you are aware that withmy upcoming retirement in June, the church has begun the process of searching for a new pastor. During much of the month of April, there was an open request for input from all members of the church regarding the next steps, the hoped for qualities and gifts of the next pastor, and to gather your sense of the needs of the church as a whole. There was also an open invitation for the names of members to be part of a Search Committee. As of this date, a Search Committee has been formed and includes; Ruth Hanning, Porter Woodward, Busi Maswoswe and Brett Walker.

     As many of you are aware, part of the challenge facing the church, is not just the search for a new pastor, but also recognizing that due to financial constraints, the pastor's position will need to be reduced to approximately 20 hours per week, down from the current 32 hours a week position under which I have served for the past two years. To say the least there are some real challenges and changes ahead.

     Our church is not the first church to face such challenges and there are lots of resources out there to draw from to help the church navigate through this time of change and uncertainty. The Search Committee is first tasked with developing a profile of our church, an accurate "picture" of our church as it is and its special needs, so that prospective ministers seeking a part time position may be able to discern if they might be interested. The second task will be to "publish" that profile with the wider church community through the resources available through one or more of the denominations with which we are covenanted.   The third task will be to receive, review and screen potential ministry candidates who express interest, and then finally present to the whole church one or more finalists. The final "call" for a new pastor will come from the whole church when an all church vote is taken.

     I can understand if the outlook for the church in the near future can seemoverwhelming for some and the challenge at hand can seem daunting. But take heart! Although no one knows what the future holds, you can find comfort and peace of mind, through your faith in Jesus Christ, who has inspired the members of this church along life's journey since 1835 through the presence of the Holy Spirit who dwells within this place.
In God's Grace,
Pastor Larry
Save the Date
Sunday June 18 th   
     Pastor Larry's last Sunday with us will be June 18th. Please join us for a Special Sunday Worship Service at 10:00 AM, so that we all can give thanks for his time with us, say our goodbyes, and ask God's blessing on him in his next adventure.

A reception will follow the service to which everyone is invited !!

 Vacation Bible School at the Federated Church

We are once again inviting children ages 4-12 to join us for a full week of Vacation Bible School from 9:00 AM to 12 Noon, from July 10th-14th.

Due to a grant, there is no registration fee.  Space is limited to 25.  

Contact the church office at 508-881-1355 or via email at, to request a registration form or please see Kim Conner.
Mark your calendars NOW!! 

        Those in Need
      As you go about your day  and run to the supermarket please remember our monthly collection of non-perishable food and groceries for the Ashland Food Pantry. This month, Sunday, May 21st is "Brown Bag Sunday"  when we collect and bless the donations placed in the bins in the narthex of the church and then bring them to the food pantry.
     Pick up some extra food and bring it to the church either during the week or on Sunday. There are many, many families here in Ashland that are forced to rely upon the generosity of others to supplement their limited grocery budget.

 Thank you for your generosity in the past!

Thrift Shop News!
New Extended Hours 

The Thrift Shop is now staying open most Wednesdays until 7:00 PM .

Come and shop, or donate gently used clothing or household items. 
Wednesdays 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM   

Thank you for your support!

Volunteers are welcome 
to lend a hand. 
 Please contact Sue Wallace.

Our Members' Birthdays
 6/1     Cris Colby
 6/3     Liz Shuter
  6/19    Sue Scotland
 6/23    Guy Williams
   6/25    Busi Maswoswe
    6/28    Yuna Woodward
   6/30    John Ellsworth

    Happy Birthday to One and All!! 
If we missed your birthday it means we don't have it in our records, please call the church  office and leave your information with Linda - thank you!
           Musical Talent!    

 Do you play guitar or know someone who does?   Do you play piano or a keyboard, or know someone who does?    Do you play a flute or clarinet, or saxophone, or the violin, or know someone who does?

We are looking for people who can help us revitalize the music and introduce some new sounds to our Sunday Worship Services.  We cannot pay much, but we can offer an enthusiastic and grateful congregation, and an opportunity to have fun with us on Sunday mornings.

If you have talent or know someone who does, let us know!!!  Spread the word!!!

Please contact the church office at 508-881-1355 and ask for Pastor Larry

Federated Church of Ashland
118 Main Street
Ashland, MA 01721-3112


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