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The Dance Corner News
Vol VIII   Issue IX
May 2012

Important Dates



Recital Ticket Sales,




Memorial Day Weekend, No Classes 



Recital Week:

No regular classes

Wed. 5/30 & Fri. 6/1-

Onstage Rehearsals, schedule below


6/2 & 6/3-

Recital Weekend

"I Love New York" recital, 2pm, 6/2 & 6/3

"Twinkle Stars Showcase", 12pm, 6/3


Order your recital DVD today


Give yourself one less thing to remember on recital day by pre-ordering your recital DVD.  Our videographer, Hamilton Communications is selling the DVDs this year.  DVD's will be shipped directly to your home in July.  You can purchase DVD's of both recital performances and the Twinkle Stars Showcase.

There is no videotaping allowed during Dance Corner performances. Our videographer, Hamilton Communications, has been taping our recital for over 10 years. The video is high quality and includes a professionally printed case and DVD label with the recital artwork on it. Each video also includes a "Cast of Stars" credits list that rolls at the end of the video, just like a movie!


Order online


click here to print and mail your order form

 to Hamilton Communications

Dance Shoe Orders

Miss Carrie will place several shoe orders throughout the next couple of weeks. Stop by our shop for a shoe fitting before May 15th to get your shoes in time for the recital!

Classes & Camps
VIp camp
Don't forget to sign up for summer camps and classes. For schedule and information visit TheDanceCorner.com or grab one of our summer brochures in the lobby.
Fall 2012 Class Schedule & Registration


Fall 2012 class placement letters will be sent to students' homes this month. Registrations will not be accepted until after the recital on June 4th All registrations must be mailed and postmarked.  Online registrations will be accepted, but a check for the registration fee must me mailed to The Dance Corner.  This is how our ticket list for the 2013 recital is created, by order of registration, so we strictly enforce the mailing of registrations for the first week of the process.

In order to help families choose the appropriate classes for their dancers, we will send home individualized class placement recommendations for each student. These recommendations will let you know what class your child should enrolled in for the 2012-2013 dance season. We hope this will help families better navigate the registration process. Any questions about your child's class placement should be directed to Miss Carrie before June 1st.

Ticket Sales
Tickets will be on sale Saturday, May 19th from 12:00pm - 5:00pm and will be available for purchase thru June 1st.  Tickets will not be available at the door the day of the recital.  Families have been assigned a time slot for ticket purchases on May 19th based on when they registered for fall classes.  Families of graduating seniors are first to purchase tickets.  
You do not need to purchase your tickets in person on May 19th.  If you are unable come to ticket day, you may fill out a Ticket Request form and we will assign your tickets during your time slot on May 19th. 
For the I Love New York recital performances, there is a limit of 12 tickets per family on ticket day.  Additional tickets can be purchased by filling out a ticket request form or purchasing tickets at our Dance Shop anytime between May 21st and June 1st. 
There is no limit to the number of tickets each family may purchase for the Twinkle Stars Showcase.
Families can purchase tickets for all three shows during their assigned purchase time slot. 
Tickets are $14 per person for I Love New York performances and $10 per person for the Twinkle Stars Showcase.  Families attending more than one I Love New York performance can purchase a recital pass for $21. 

Recital passes are valid for the same person to attend both I Love New York recital performances.  Recital passes are not valid for the Twinkle Stars Showcase performance.
Those families carrying a past due balance thru May will not be able to purchase tickets until their balances are current.  Statements will be e-mailed to all families with past due balances before ticket day. If you have any questions about your balance or issues with any charges, please contact Miss Carrie before ticket day to discuss them.  
All classes will meet as scheduled on Ticket Day, Saturday, 5/19.


Volunteers Needed

It takes many people to pull together our annual recital.  Please consider volunteering your time during the Saturday or Sunday recital performances or the Sunday Twinkle Stars Showcase.  Sign up sheets are located in the studio waiting room. Or you can email Miss Carrie about volunteering.

We are always looking for more moms to help out in our dressing rooms during the show.  If your child performs both days, you can watch one day and help out backstage the other day. All dressing room monitors will receive one free ticket to either show for themselves or a friend or family member.

 We are also looking for ushers for all shows, parking monitor (keeping folks out of the firelanes), security in the auditorium during the show and help with clean up after the final Sunday show.

Please let Miss Carrie know if you are interested in helping out at all or if you would like more info about what is involved with each assignment. 

 Thank you to all who volunteer. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Stage Rehearsal Schedule

Stage rehearsals will be held Wednesday, 5/30 & Friday, 6/1 at Haddam Killingworth High School. Each class has been assigned a time on ONE of these dates. There will be no regular classes 5/25-6/1 Students should come dressed in dance wear for the rehearsal. NO COSTUMES PLEASE. There is no food or drink allowed in the auditorium. Please keep all snacks in the lobby area. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the rehearsal, but please keep talking to a minimum.

Students should arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled rehearsal time.


All dancers are expected to attend the stage rehearsal and practice on stage with their class. Dancing on stage is very different than dancing in the studio and this spacing rehearsal is an integral part of helping students get comfortable on stage so the can give a great performance. If one member of the class is missing it will affect the whole class. Please let Miss Carrie if you have any conflict with your rehearsal time.


Stage Rehearsal Schedule
Wed, 5/30
Time/ ClassDance Names


4:00-4:15Cuddly Ducks- Wed 3:30 Pre-K Ballet
4:15-4:30Little Tap Shoes- Thurs 9:30am Twinkle Stars
4:30-4:40Sidewalks of NY- Thurs 4:30 Kindergarten Ballet
4:40-4:50Planet Brooklyn- Wed 3:45 Mini Hip Hop
4:50-5:00Alley Cats- Wed 4:30 1st & 2nd Gr Jazz
5:00-5:10Rockefeller Center Skaters Wed 4:30 3rd & 4th Gr Ballet
5:10-5:20Rockefeller Center Skaters- Wed 5:30 1st & 2nd Gr Ballet
5:20-5:30Sunny Side of the Street- Tues 4:00 1st- 3rd Gr Tap
5:30-5:40Alley Cats- Wed 5:30 3rd & 4th Gr Jazz
5:40-5:50Broadway Baby- Sat 10:30am Kindergarten Tap
5:50-6:00Born to Entertain- Thurs 5:30 Musical Theatre
6:00-6:10Broadway Baby- Mon 4:30 Kindergarten Tap
6:10-6:20St. Patrick's Parade- Tues 4:30 Beginner Irish Step
6:20-6:30Club Can't Handle Me- Mon 6:30 Jr Hip Hop I
6:30-6:35Those New York Gals- Tues 3:30 Irish Step Intermediate II
6:35-6:45Cool- Mon 3:30 Broadway Jazz I
6:45-6:50It's a Great Day for the Irish- Mon 4:30 Irish Step Intermediate I
6:50-7:00Central Park Jump- Tues 6:30 Hip Hop III
7:00-7:10Cool- Thurs 6:30 Broadway Jazz IV
7:10-7:20Concrete Angel- Tues 3:30 Lyrical I
7:20-7:30Concrete Angel- Thurs 7:30 Lyrical IV
7:30-7:35Hello- Wed 5:30 Production Company
7:35-7:40March of the High Queens- Mon 3:30 Irish Step Advanced I
7:40-7:50I Love New York- Opening Number, Dance Company
7:50-8:00Rainy Day in NY- Wed 6:30 Jazz
8:00-8:10Newsies- Wed 6:30 Tap
8:10-8:20The Laugh Factory- Wed 7:30 Tap
8:20-8:30Fashion- Wed 7:30 Jazz
8:30-8:40Breakfast at Tiffanys- Gold & Diamonds Mon 6:30 & 7:30 Ballet




Stage Rehearsal Schedule
FRI, 6/1
Time/ ClassDance Names


4:00-4:15Ballerina Bunny- Sat 9:00am Twinkle Babies
4:15-4:30Baby Ballerina- Sat 9:30am Twinkle Stars
4:30-4:40Bells of NY- Tues 7:30 Pointe
4:40-4:50I am the Greatest Superstar- Mon 3:45 Tumbling & Jazz
4:50-5:00Kung Foo Kid- Mon 4:30 Kung Fu Hip Hop I
5:00-5:10Beat It- Mon 5:30 Kung Fu Hip Hop II
5:10-5:20Uptown Girl- Thurs 4:30 jazz
5:20-5:30B Girls- Mon 6:30 Hip Hop I
5:30-5:40Night on the Town- Tues 5:30 Ballet III & 6:30 Ballet IV
5:40-5:50Avenue C- Thurs 5:30 Tap
5:50-6:00This Instant- Mon 7:30 Jr. Hip Hop II
6:00-6:10Sunny Side of the Street- Sat 1st-3rd Gr Tap
6:10-6:20Boy from NYC- Tues 5:30 4th & 5th Gr Jazz
6:20-6:30Empire State of Mind- Tues 7:30 Lyrical II
6:30-6:40Manhattan- Tues 4:30 4th & 5th Gr Ballet
6:40-6:50NY State of Mind- Wed 4:30 Lyrical
6:50-7:00New York City- Tues 6:30 4th & 5th Gr Tap
7:00-7:10Hello, Good Morning- Mon 5:30 Hip Hop III
7:10-7:15Newgrange- Mon 5:30 Irish Step Advanced II
7:15-7:25Take the A Train- Mon 7:30 Modern
7:25-7:35Studio 54- Thurs 7:30 Jazz
7:35-7:45New York, New York- Thurs 6:30 Jazz
7:45-7:55I Hope Get it!- Thurs 3:30 Broadway Jazz
7:55-8:05Forget about the Boy- Thurs 6:30 Tap
8:05-8:1542nd Street- Thurs 7:30 Tap
8:15-8:40Senior Solos/ Duos


Monthly Tuition Payments  

Monthly Tuition bills are due upon receipt. Payment can be mailed to the studio or left in the "Check Box" in the waiting area.

A $10 late fee will be applied to any monthly payments not received by the 15th of the month. Also, there is a $25 charge for returned checks.

The Dance Corner accepts Visa and Mastercard, allowing you to have your tuition bill paid automatically each month. See Miss Carrie for details.