An ARM Update
May 2013

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At ARM we believe that a vital part of our ministry is training and empowering our children, churches and families to be self-sustaining, not to just gain wealth, but rather to fulfill their God-given mandate of becoming givers and not just receivers. We believe this is a vital part of our leadership training as we send out more and more leaders who can truly make a difference here in Uganda, Africa and the rest of the world.
We run our sustainability trainings and activities through several avenues and programs, such as the Mercy Network, Renewal Enterprises (this is new), Early Childhood Development Projects (ECDP), and many more.  
This months newsletter will give you a glimpse into those projects and programs that we do here at ARM. As always, thank you for partnering with us through your prayers and gifts.  We thank God for your friendship!


Be blessed,


Pastor Peter


Ps. Peter Kasirivu
Founder & CEO

Sustainability through R.E.L. PARKstory

When people say ARM, most, if not all of our friends know we are talking about Africa Renewal Ministries.  ARM over the years has started many other organisations, including Loving Hearts, Africa Renewal University, and Renewal Healthcare Network.  

But have you heard of REL??? 

REL stands for Renewal Enterprises Limited and is the money making component of Africa Renewal Ministries.  Take a look at this short video to find out what REL is doing and how it helps make ARM more sustainable here in Uganda!

Sustainability Projects   stmTRIPS   
Mercy Network & Family Sustainability
Mercy Network (MN) is a partnership program with Children's Hunger Fund (CHF). This program extends God's love by feeding needy families in selected communities.

Through local church partners, the program begins by a weekly distribution of food packages to at least 25 needy families each year. The ministry then grows into an outreach & discipleship ministry as well as providing training & life skills to these poor families. In addition to feeding, MN has sustainability programs that enable these participants to continue to feed themselves, long after the food assistance ends.These include:
  • Church Training: MN takes 3-4 years training local churches on how to start & run empowerment activities to meet the needs of their church community
  • Pig Project:  Each family is given a pig and trained in animal rearing. These pigs in turn, help them to pay school fees, meet basic home needs, and even help improve their standard of living.
  • Tailoring Project: 3 of the MN Projects have started tailoring training classes.  Tailoring is also a great income earning activity in Uganda and has helped our participants sustain their families.
Food Supply Program

In the video above you were introduced to REL.  In that video you may have heard Robert mention a supply/store room.

The store room is a part of REL's food supply program and is focused on buying and selling maize and other dry food products produced in rural parts of Uganda.  

By purchasing items in rural Uganda, REL saves on purchase costs and are able to turn around and resell it in city markets at a profit.

The REL store room is currently storing 160 tonnes but has the capacity to hold up to 600 tonnes, with future plans to expand that in the works. 

The food storage program not only is a great way to financially support the activities of ARM but also acts as a food backup system allowing ARM to supply food during drought or low supply times within Uganda. 

Bethany Village's Guest House

Bethany Village has been one of ARM's greatest sustainability models.  We have self-sustaining crop and animal rearing projects, and much more.  

Bethany's newest sustainability project however is it's Guest House, which has already begun to house our short term missions teams. 

The Guest House offers people a lake view setting with a home environment.  It is available for daily, weekly or even monthly use and features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living and dining areas as well as solar electricity.  It is ideal for family vacations, short term mission teams, work meetings/retreats or honeymoons and is available upon request from Bethany's management.  

Our dream is to continually move towards raising the support for the Bethany Children's Homes through local initiatives.  

With God all things are possible. 

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