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Literacy is Vital for Work and Life

Literacy Network has a big impact because of many committed partners, including several companies where we teach English classes for their employees. The curriculum is specifically tailored to job tasks such as communicating with a supervisor, understanding work documents and connecting with customers.

"I was able to talk a little more with a guest and it was easier for me to ask if he needed help. The class is helping me lose my fear and helps me a lot with pronunciation," said one employee.

Workplace literacy helps in more than just a job or career: it makes a difference in all aspects of a learner's life. Learn more about our program.

Teacher Ilana Seidman with All Color Powder Coating staff in Oregon, WI.
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Altrusa International awarded several scholarships to learners continuing their education. (Photo by MMSD Superintendent Jen Cheatham)
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Reading Between The Wines!

Last week, more than 150 guests joined us to celebrate the success of adult learners. Special thanks to our workplace partners at the Hilton Garden Inn for hosting us! 

The learner stories are truly amazing. Do you remember Phillip's story?

"I want to receive my HSED for my own self worth. To show my kids and grand kids you can do anything you put your mind to...  I want to be able to help my grand kids with their home work, also be able to deal with all of my finances, further my education to maybe take some college courses and learn more about writing a story about my life. . . . If I can get past this I can do anything."

Volunteer Opportunity: Join our Board of Directors

Board member Fred Gants says,"If you can't read, you can't do much. You're likely to have a low wage job, and face big obstacles supporting your kids and getting quality health care. Unfortunately, one of seven adults in Dane County, or 55,000 people, face literacy challenges. But there is hope and opportunity!  

As a person who grew up in an apartment and became a labor and employment lawyer, I joined the Board of Directors because of my commitment to see all people grow and advance."

Board applications are due Sunday, May 7. Board application details.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, May 14th at 4:30pm: British author Kate Moore will talk about The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women  at 702WI, a co-creative workspace for writers, creators and designers at 702 E. Johnson Street. Learn more.

June 8 - 10: Literacy Network Book Sale at 701 Dane Street. Book donations are being accepted. Learn more about how to donate.

We would love to have you join us or continue with us as a supporter. Your gift will help us reduce our waiting lists and support the thousands of adults who need our services.  Thank you for considering a gift to support this important work.