HERO Briefs by Paul Terry
May 2017

Do you to want to be successful or just get lucky? Well, if you read Roman philosophy you know that preparation plus opportunity produces luck. (Seneca, 65 AD)  If your perspective is more in line with NASCAR fans, these same elements define success. (Bobby Unser, 1981) No matter your goals, HERO has you covered in the weeks ahead because opportunity abounds for our members.  Prepare yourself by paying heed to this month's HERO Briefs. Check out the agendas for our June Think Tank and Research Meeting as we've brought together extraordinary experts and company leaders to get our conversations started about "Systemic Approaches to Mental and Emotional Well-being." Registration is open for this and several other webinars and seminars ahead. What's more, we are in the sharp minded throes of developing new charters for the Culture of Health Committee and Workplace Performance Committee. A charter change is but a quick pit stop and we're calling for new members to act fast and join these already successful teams. And we're featuring a new HERO Guest Member Program (free!) and announcing the opportunity for HERO members to download a 700 page book: "Health Promotion in the Workplace." (Also free!) How lucky are you? But that's not all! Success also awaits, but, only if you  Read On.

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