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The end of the school year is rapidly approaching; the days and weeks are practically falling away. Here it already the 9th and my newsletter has yet to be sent; for that I do sincerely apologize.  As we wind down the school year, be prepared for yet another busy month; also please keep an eye on your Parent Folder for upcoming Field Trip Permission Forms and other announcements.  Staff have been using white boards to post updates and stationing them near sign in sheets as well; please take a moment at pick up or drop off to peruse the postings. 

On that note, thank you all for another fabulous school year. I hope you will all join us on May 19th for the Kindergarten Graduation and All School Gallery immediately following.  Your children have worked hard and are pleased to share with you some "works" and work samples from the course of the year.  The evening begins at 5:30pm here at Children's House.  

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! To the many wonderful and blessed souls who contributed to an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week.  We definitely feel appreciated and supported by such a wonderful school community.  

As we approach warmer weather, our staff kindly ask you provide your child with a water bottle to keep at school.  Children need to hydrate often and thankfully many children feel empowered to do so as the need arises.  Our school has previously offered Dixie disposable cups for playground hydration but after sailing through nearly six boxes in two weeks, we decided to curb the waste and ask friends to bring in a more environmentally friendly alternative.  We appreciate your attention to your child's thirst needs, be sure to label their water bottle.  Water bottles will be sent home on Thursdays for cleaning.  

End of the year housekeeping:
  • Please have tuition/snack fee/lunch fees or outstanding invoices paid in full by May 20th. Please note:  schedule confirmation and placement for Fall will be held until all balances are paid in full.  If you foresee any obstacles or have trouble meeting the May 20th deadline, please see Alexia in the office as soon as possible; resources are available to assist you.  
  • June tuition will be prorated at .12% of your normal tuition rate, invoices will go out this week, payable by May 20th.
  • Returning student and New Student Applications are due now, do not miss out.  Slots are filling quickly.  
  • Student Enrollment Packets will be available in August.  "Packets" are the multi-page forms indicating emergency contacts, permission forms, immunization updates, etc.  You will receive an email alerting you of our "registration day" prior to commencement of the new school year.
  • Schedule confirmations for fall (2016-2017) will go out prior to the last day of school for returning students.  New students will receive schedule confirmation by the 15th of June.  
May a restful, fulfilling and rejuvenating summer be enjoyed by all. 

May-June Calendar
  • Monday May 9th-Finance Committee Meets @ Beech Campus 5pm
  • Tuesday May 10th-PTO Meets @ Children's House Campus-5:30-pm
  • Monday May 16th-Board of Directors meet, Beech Campus, 5:00 pm (CH), 6:30-El/MS
  • Tuesday May 17th
  • Thursday May 19th-All families welcome for the evening.  Kindergarten Graduation, 5:30pm-6:00pm, Gallery 6:00pm-7:00pm
  • Monday May 30th-Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday May 31st- All School Field Trip to Denny Lake-pick up and drop off at Denny Lake (regular pick up and drop off times apply)
  • Wednesday June 1st-All School Field Trip to park and splash pad, 1pm
  • Thursday June 2nd-Last day of school-Half Day Program ONLY-Release time is 11:15AM


Philosophy Corner:
Whole Child Approach
"When a school or educational system claims to 'educate the whole child', what exactly does this mean? It sounds like a good thing right? It's quite a well used term that is being used increasingly but many would say it's something Montessori schools have been doing for over a century. "

Special Feature: THE UNSAFE CHILD: Less Outdoor Play is Causing More Harm than Good. by Angela Hanscum.  " It was as if Mother Nature herself was trying to prove the fearful chaperone wrong, to show that children are capable of more then we often allow." READ MORE    

PTO Press.....
The next PTO meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10th, from 5:30-6:30 at Children's House. This is the election meeting, as well as last meeting of the year.  Please consider taking on one of these elected positions.  We know that not everyone can attend the scheduled PTO meeting time so please email us with any questions or concerns. 

The PTO officers are elected each year in May for a one-year term.  All PTO Officer positions are open, including President, Vice President, Volunteer Director, Treasurer and Secretary.  We are looking for a good balance of Children's House and CKMS parents to be involved in this organization to ensure each school is equally and fairly represented.  All of the current officers are committed to the PTO and are willing to assist new officers in their roles.

The PTO's primary mission is to serve as a liaison between parents, teachers, staff and the BOD, with the goal of enriching the Kiva community.   These open positions provide a great 
opportunity to get a head start in supporting our schools for the 2016 - 2017 school year.  Please contact current PTO officers, Angie Seeley - President, Stacey Weyand - Volunteer Director and Holley Christensen - Secretary to discuss these opportunities.  We can also be reached at .  

From our Board of Directors.....
Greetings from your Children's House Board of Directors! Some things your board is currently working on:
  • Continuing to search for additional Board members, and committee members.  Contact Shamai for details at
  • Working on a Fundraising policies and procedures document
Our next Board meeting is Monday, May 16th at 5pm at the Elementary/Middle School building at 25 N.Beech St.  Please join us!  

It's not too late to support Children's House in meeting our Annual Appeal goal of $5000.00. Did you know that the vast majority of students at our school receive tuition subsidies, and this assistance is available in part due to individual donations?? Even paying for a full day tuition does not meet the costs per pupil to run our program.  However, we strive to be a school for every child, ensuring ethnic and socio-economic diversity within our school community.  Thank you in advance for investing in our program; your donation in any increment is appreciated and valued. 

Your questions, concerns and ideas are important; please come see me. I am available in the office Monday through Friday, 8am-3:30pm except during school closure, via email at, or at 970-565-8586 during office hours. I attend frequent meetings during the week so if I miss you, please leave me a message, I will get back to you. When I am out of the office, Yvonne will be onsite to assist you.  


Alexia Hudson-McGrath
Children's House