May/June 2016 Newsletter
We are in the planning stages for the fall and would like YOUR input! Over the past two years, we have offered a variety of classes and workshops including:

Visioning Workshop
The Overcoming Anxiety Clinic
Introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness
Various group yoga classes

Please take couple of minutes to compete a short 9-item survey: Workshop Planning Survey

Here are the links to our previous workshops:
Visioning Workshop
Certified Yoga Therapist Accreditation Official in June
The long awaited accreditation for Certified Yoga Therapists will be official in June! What does that mean? It means that, like other regulated professionals such as Registered Psychologist, Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IYTA) is now a protected title and requires a educational and ethical standard to be met for individuals using this title. It protects the client, the profession, and hopefully will get insurance companies to recognize the legitimacy of the profession

Link to Certification Requirements
How to help your teen deal with post-secondary school rejection.
Andrea's second team-up with freelance writer Shandley McMurray
Rejection sucks at any age.
Yes, it’s an important lesson to learn. Yes, it helps kids to grow, become stronger and develop determination. But no matter how positively you look at it, being turned down can take a chunk out of your teen’s self-esteem. “Rejection is a part of life and it is always a possibility, especially when dealing with competitive schools and programs,” says Halifax psychologist Andrea Cook. And with many high school graduates applying for their dream college or university, it’s bound to happen at least once. When it does, it’s important to stay calm and let your child take the driver’s seat. Here’s how.

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