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Holiday Calendar
May 15 - Pentecost
Celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and the Virgin Mary.
June 6 - Ramadan
A month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. 
June 12 - Shavuot 
One of the three Pilgrimage festivals (late Spring harvest). Celebration of the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai.

* All Jewish & Muslim Holidays start on the preceding evening at sundown.

** Jewish Holy Days and Muslim Holy Days are determined by the lunar calendar. 

Save the Date
July 17
2nd Annual Spiritual  Retreat
Nov. 2
MA Leaders Meeting
Nov. 6
Fall Gathering

Looking for Members
  • Appleton, WI - if you know anyone in that area who would be interested in forming a group
  • Metro west Group (Natick-Framingham area) is looking for Muslim women. 
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Daughters of Abraham Online Cookbook

In April last year, all the Daughters groups came together for a gathering.  Our theme was Nourishing Ourselves, Nourishing the World.  Recognizing that food and hospitality hold an important place in each of our faith traditions, we decided to compile a cookbook with recipes from Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions.  We invited members to send in recipes as well as stories about the history and significance of these recipes.  

This cookbook, Food to Nourish Our Souls, is now available in PDF format.  It is a compilation of the recipes and stories received and we hope that you will enjoy reading it whether or not you decide to try a recipe.  We recognize that each of our traditions includes dietary restrictions, observed in varying ways, so that some of these recipes may include ingredients that make them unacceptable for some.  We have chosen, however, to include all the recipes submitted so that readers may make their own selections.  We are grateful to everyone who provided a recipe, story or photograph.

Oak Park (Il.) Daughters of Abraham Group
Reflects on Their First Year
     Last summer, three women, one Jewish, one Christian and one Muslim met several times to plan the first Midwest Daughters of Abraham group.  The response to our outreach was beyond our greatest expectation and twenty four women attended our introductory meeting in September.
     Beginning in October, we met monthly at the Oak Park Library, in Oak Park, Illinois and now have a thriving group that loves getting together for our book group.  The conversations are so engaging that we have expanded our interactions to include theater and dinner.  
     So far we have attended two plays together.  One called, "Yasmina's Necklace," was held at a local theater and told the story of two different Muslim families making their home in contemporary Chicago.  Those of us who attended were moved by the play and had a fascinating discussion afterwards at a local Thai Restaurant. (See picture above). Our second outing was to downtown Chicago, where we attended the play, ''Mosque Alert," which was about building a mosque in a local Chicago suburb .  It was an exceptionally powerful play.  Afterwards, over a delicious Indian dinner, we had an engaging conversation and bonded even more. (See picture below)
     We love that we are both a book group and now, it appears a dinner theater group.  We will be taking the summer off, and are eager to begin again in September.  

Linda Hodes, Leader