May 2016
Smiling Happy Faces of BYX
Mike Espenshade

When did you start practicing yoga? 
I came to my first class on Thanksgiving morning, 2015.
What brought you to BYX? 
A friend convinced me to try it out after I described how I was tired of being sore from working out with trainers and that sort of thing.  I had been thinking about yoga for quite a while, but had not worked up courage to go.  She stopped me cold and instructed me to meet her at BYX Thanksgiving morning with one goal in mind: to stay in the room, and come back a second time. I came back a second time and a third time. Eighteen months later, I have not looked back and have not seen (or paid!) a personal trainer since.  
Why do you keep coming? 
It's such a great place to wear my favorite red shirt, and as an optimist, I'm convinced that if I keep coming back, Kathi will eventually  massage my feet .  Kidding aside, it's simple, I continue to feel stronger physically and mentally as a result of my practice.  
What benefits have you seen from your practice?
From a physical perspective, I have increased flexibility, and I sleep much better. From a non-physical perspective, I've become more mindful in life and business.
What has surprised you about practicing? 
My ability to change my mind both in and out of the room has improved. Ultimately, I find I have an ability to think more clearly.
What other activities do you enjoy?  
I enjoy golf, skiing, paddle tennis and the occasional hike.
How has yoga improved/changed your life?  
I've found peace knowing that I have finally found the right investment in myself. Similar to golf, I just wish I started long ago.  
What's your favorite posture and why?  
Is that a trick question? There's nothing better than final savasana!  
Do you have any new goals that you did not have before practicing yoga?  
I did a 10-day challenge late last year, and this year I'll be doing a 15-day and a 20-day challenge.
Is there any other information about your life or practice you would like to share?  
One frame of mind that has helped me on the tough days is that I remind myself it's not just a workout or a check of the proverbial box for the day, but rather each session is an incremental investment that is building off prior days and will pay dividends down the line.  Put another way and with a financial lens, each class is not a one-time expense, but rather an investment.  It may sound silly, but it has helped me get my head straight on the days I'm not in the mat mood.


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Has it been a while since you've been to yoga? Afraid to come for the first time? I so often hear from people that they WANT to come, but they are AFRAID to come. Afraid they aren't flexible enough, or fit enough. Afraid they will have lost the progress they had made when they were practicing regularly.


I find it's our expectations that keep us from our mat. Our beliefs that something will or won't happen, or that something should be achieved.

These expectations, more often than not, lead to disappointment as things rarely go exactly as planned.   


Try coming to yoga with NO EXPECTATIONS.

Just you on your mat. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Smiling Happy Faces of BYX

Meet Michael Espenshade,  Bikram yogi since 2015. He's feeling stronger physically and mentally, and has been thinking more clearly since starting his practice. Enjoy his interview in the column on the left.
Intermediate Class with James

Saturday May 13th 12:00pm

Intended for students with a solid understanding of the Bikram Beginner Class. A foundation is needed to build on, and that starts with the 26 postures in the Beginner Yoga class. This second class is meant to build on the beginner series and not replace it.

$8.00 drop in fee, cash only.
Seasonal Spring Clean Feast

Our friends at Cooking Carma are partnering with Juice Dr. to bring you a seasonal spring eating and mindfulness program.
  • 4 days 100% plant based meals
  • 4 days fresh fruit & vegetable juices and smoothies
  • coaching & support
  • informational conference calls
  • guided evening group meditations 
  • expert team of specialists to help you succeed
To learn more or register, click below.

Last Day to Register is May 8th!

Mini Clinic

Sunday May 21st 5:00pm
(following the 3:30pm class)

People are loving the mini clinics!

"I cannot believe how much I learn every time I'm here!". -Sarah

Because we don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to learn more about this amazing practice, the Mini Clinics are now 

Come ask questions about technique, or show us your posture for individual feedback.
Casual, non-heated environment.

BYX Memorial Day Schedule

Sunday 5/28: 8:00am class ONLY
(no 3:30pm class)

Monday 5/29: 9:30am class ONLY
(no 4:30pm or 6:30pm classes)
Bemer Sessions are Back

The Bemer is electromagnetic frequency that stimulates the microcirculation in the body, and can increase blood flow by up to 30%.

Contact Claudia to schedule appointments:
text: 610-299-3003

Thank you for all you bring to the thriving BYX community!
Kristin Sapp
Bikram Yoga Exton