As often happens in my world, it all started with a simple e-mail. This particular one came from the UN Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). It said that they were planning for major downsizing and wanted a workshop for their staff who would be needing "to look for new options." The topic: "Transitioning to Business and Social Entrepreneurship."

As I hit 'send' on the e-mail to my project lead in Haiti, I had a feeling that this one would convert.  My excitement about doing work in a country I had never been to previously, was replaced by the familiar fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone. This was not going to be a group of executives, non-profit leaders, and educators looking to invest in their professional development on our beautiful campus in Costa Rica. Instead, this mix of local and international UN employees were entering a period of forced transition. The organizer of the workshop has warned me, "Moral is low."

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The Montessori Institute for the Science of Peace

The UPEACE Centre is moving into a fresh new area! So far in 2016 we have teamed up with the Montessori Institute for the Science of Peace three times to host groups in Costa Rica. Ranging in age from 12 to 18, the students spend a few days with us at UPEACE looking at peace, social justice, economic disparity and non-violent communication, and then head to Monteverde for a hands-on experience in the rainforest. So much fun to be able to work with these young and energetic future leaders!
Upcoming courses

Education 2.0: Teaching in a Fast-Changing World  (at UPEACE July 11-15, 2016)
'Putting transformative education into practice is no small thing. I'm leaving this course with better questions, deeper insights and a new network of changemakers.' - Heather, Education 2.0 June 2015
Hybrid Diploma in Social Innovation (onsite and online - July 25, 2016) 
Join the third cohort of our new program that combines onsite professional development at the University for Peace with in depth online classes for a deep, personal learning experience.
Positive Leadership (at UPEACE - July 25-28, 2016)
'The course opens a space for leaders to think about the many ways they can improve their leadership skills, and the skills of others, in order to create and maintain overall well-being and success in their respective work environments and personal life.' - Lorna, Positive Leadership November 2015

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change (online - May 16, 2016)
'What an inspiring course. Lots of food for thought and much to be working with now to create more impact and sustainability within my enterprise. It helped me to modify my mission and theory of change, which has transformed my focus and has given me lots of ideas' - Ann, EISC September 2015 
'This was a wonderful opportunity to brainstorm about ways to improve and reinvent education in the 21st century. I've taken away new techniques that I can implement immediately with my own university students.' - Kristen, ECT June 2014 | UPEACE Centre for Executive Education |
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