Beverly Education Foundation awards $15,000
in grants to Beverly Public Schools

In April, the Beverly Education Foundation awarded $15,000 in grants to support various projects at all seven Beverly Public Schools.  The annual Teacher Parent Grants are funded by the Honor A Teacher appeal each year.  We congratulate all the educators who applied for grants for their initiative and effort in pursuing funding for these innovative and collaborative academic projects that will greatly benefit students.

Here is an overview of some of the programs that the Teacher Parents Grants have supported:

                        Ayers Elementary School and Centerville Elementary School put ukuleles in the hands of over 400 students, enabling them an experience with a string instrument as well as an understanding of science concept relating to sound, vibration, frequency and pitch.The program  expands the scope of learning for young children in the music classroom with hands on experience. The initial investment will continue for years benefiting unlimited additional groups of students. This instrument program will also function in an inter-disciplinary role allowing live ukulele music to enhance school musicals, holiday programs and encourage young children to take risks and explore the arts without technology.

                        Beverly High School was able to offer 35 students a series of visits to the Peabody Essex Museum to explore a variety of art works from several cultures and several media. Visits allowed students an in-depth view of specific areas of the collections and special exhibits. Students experienced art, artists and media while making cross-curricular  connections.

                        Briscoe Middle School was able to purchase a 3D printer and filament supplies to support its new Robotics Program.    Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines are a high priority in education and the demand for robotics education was evident.  The need was significant to support this new program and to help provide supplies so over 1,000 students in grades 6, 7 and 8 could learn about developing an idea, mechanical engineering, computer aided design (CAD) and production using 3D printing technology. 

                        Fifth grade students at the Cove Elementary School have the opportunity to learn about sustainability, ecology, protection of rare species, wetlands and much more through a year-long Vernal Pool program.  Students visit this certified vernal pool on Cove School grounds to observe and document habitat through seasonal variations.  Observations at the vernal pool become the basis for science, math and arts curriculum.  The program is supported by the community group Kestrel, whose instructors guide and supplement the learning process.

                        Hannah Elementary School will purchase the book "Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You'd Had."  The Math coach will lead a book study that will provide teachers the opportunity to study strategies and put them into action in the classroom immediately. It offers insight to help teachers across the grade levels. The book study will be open to 20 teachers district wide in grades K-8. Teachers will impact over 400 students in the Beverly School district through the knowledge gained and improvement of district goals. It is sure to awaken excitement for math in both teachers and students.

                        North Beverly Elementary School was able to implement a program called "Reach For the Stars-Literacy For Struggling Readers".  The program helped to provide struggling readers the opportunity to read real chapter books similar to what they see their peers read. This increased self-esteem and  instilled an interest in reading for pleasure, if not a love of reading.  

                        Other grants that have generously been supported by the Beverly Education Foundation:

                        Ayers Problem-Based Learning
                        Briscoe Club Leamos
                         - Spanish
                        Briscoe Document Cameras
                        Briscoe Picture Books
                        Centerville 4th and 5th grade Field Trips
                        Centerville Book Room
                        Cove Executive Function Project Based Learning
                        Cove Global Read Aloud
                        Cove Math Game Make
                        Cove STEM Across the Curriculum
                        North Beverly Choose Own Adventure
                        Hannah Gross Motor

                        Hannah Becoming Math Teacher
                        Hannah Mindfulness
                        Hannah Kinder Gardening
                        Hannah Maker Movement
                        BHS College Essay Writing

                        BHS Robotics Program 

                                “Teachers appreciate being appreciated, for teacher appreciation is their highest award.” -- William Prince

                                Honor A Teacher by donating to the Beverly Education Foundation in the name of a favorite teacher, administrator or school staff member who has made a difference in your child's education.  You can honor an educator in memorium as well, perhaps someone you recall fondly during your time in Beverly Public Schools who made a lifelong impact on you.  Please help support all Beverly Public Schools, teachers, administrators, staff & their students through the Beverly Education Foundation’s Annual “Honor a Teacher” Awards, which directly fund Teacher/Parent Grants for enrichment, curriculum initiatives, technology, STEAM & more.

                                There are 3 easy ways to "Honor A Teacher":

                                $25 ‘Honor a Teacher’ Certificate and Letter:  A donation of $25 or more made in the name of a special educator, a certificate will be sent to the individual indicating both the donation in their name as well as how important they have been in the student’s or your life. Please attach comments to your Award Form about why you chose to honor this teacher. A copy will also be sent to the Beverly Public Schools to communicate how important that educator is to Beverly Public School

                                $15 ‘In Memoriam’ Note:
                                  A thoughtful way to let the families of a deceased teacher, staff member or student know that their loved ones have made a difference in Beverly Public School education (donation of $15 or more).

                                $10 ‘Honor a Teacher’ Note Card:
                                   A donation of $10 or more made in the name of the teacher honored, a card will be sent to the teacher indicating your thanks for all the time, effort and caring they have given your child throughout the year.

                                Please support the Beverly Education Foundation by making your tax deductible donation online today at: or mail a check to:  Beverly Education Foundation P.O. Box 407 Beverly, MA 01915.  

                                Many thanks for your generous support.