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"You are as welcome as the flowers in May."

                                                        ~Charles Macklin, Irish actor and playwright



Our welcome mat is out and our flowers are in bloom. 


Two special events are on the calendar for May.   We begin the month with a DIY "Creative Container Gardening" Class on Saturday, May 2nd.   We continue with our annual tribute to mothers.  With any purchase prior to May 10, you may register for a $200 gift certificate. 

A drawing will be held at the end of business on Mother's Day.


As you enjoy all the wonderful activities available on the island this month, add a visit to Tom's Thumb Nursery to your itinerary.





In this newsletter you will find.......  

  • Seasonal Ideas & Information for May
  • From Our Landscape Architect: "Trees, Trees, Trees!"   
  • Mother's Day Gift Certificate Drawing
  • DIY Container Gardening Class
  • Charlie's 10% Coupon
  • Floral Designs by Judy Moran
  • Items from the Gift Shop 
  • In the Garden
  • Garden Statuary, Fountains & Pottery
  • Oleander Festival
  • Seaside Casual 2015 Collection
  • Photos of Loretta's Plumeria Class
  • Back Garden Tour in June    

Seasonal Ideas and Information

May Seasonal Checklist


The following is a list of activities to consider for your May gardening:  
  • Vegetables and Herbs -  Some crops to plant this month:  summer & winter squash, eggplant, peppers, southern peas and melons.  Go organic!  Be sure to use organic substances such as Dipel dust (or liquid thuricide), Neem oil and diatomaceous earth to control pests in the garden.  For a safer fungus control, try a biological control, potassium bicarbonate, sulfur or Neem oil.

Dipel Dust

Biological control for caterpillars 


liquid concentrate

biological control of caterpillars 

Diatomaceous Earth

Serenade biological control of fungus

Neem Oil  

available in a trigger spray or a concentrate

Neem Oil is also available in a hose end sprayer  



  • Perennials & Annuals - Some warm-season flowers for planting this month include petunias, pentas,  marigolds, zinnias, periwinkle (vinca), salvia, and lantana are just a few of what we have to offer. Remember to plant for the hummingbirds and the butterflies!  When planting transplants, water them in with a liquid fertilizer solution to get them off to a good start.   A couple of weeks after planting, fertilize with a granular fertilizer such as Nelson's ColorStar.   We also have lots of milkweed for the monarchs!
  • Trees, Shrubs & VinesMany new trees were planted across the island this past fall and winter.  It is very important to continue to water them twice a week for the first summer season to keep them alive and to encourage lots of growth. 
  • Fruits & Nuts -  Yes, we have a variety of fruit trees for sale:    orange, lemon, lime, satsuma, avocado, mango, peach, plum, fig, kumquat and more.  Advice for citrus tree owners:  After the flowers have turned to fruit, apply neem oil to the tiny fruit.  This will protect the new fruit and prevent black sooty mold.  Re-apply the oil in 4 to 6 weeks.  Always apply oil in the early evening hours when the sun is going down.  Keep your citrus well watered and in full sun.  Feed with a slow-release citrus food.   Get it done now before it gets too hot!








  • Lawns & Groundcovers -  If you haven't fertilized this year, you can do so now.  Avoid weed-control products in the turf when temperatures are above the mid-80's.  For a healthy lawn, frequent mowing (weekly is best) and proper watering (1/2 inch a week) will build your turf and combat weeds. 
  • Grub worms are busy feeding on the grass roots this month.  Now is the time for a treatment of Milky Spore.  Apply one level measure teaspoon of Milky Spore powder on top of grass in spots every four feet in rows four feet apart.  Use 10 ounces per 2500 square feet (50 feet by 50 feet).  Water lightly after application
    to soak spores into soil.  Areas between spots will be inoculated naturally.  Milky Spore has been known to last 15 years or longer with one application.


 From our Landscape Architect 

"Trees, Trees, Trees!"  by Janielle Guzinski


Arbor Day just passed; did you plant a tree?


We all know how many trees were lost after Ike, but that shouldn't stop us from planting new trees.  I'm not talking about palm trees, but real canopy-creating trees.  Palm trees are great and they give us that tropical feel that we love about Galveston.  However, you can't forget the large gnarled oak trees or the arching lacebark elms that make a beautiful accent to any garden or landscape.


Let's get to some practical considerations, like where would be best to plant a tree.  Under power lines you really need to stick to small trees like crape myrtle, Texas mountain laurel, holly, or bottlebrush.  Out in a yard, you can easily plant a bigger tree like an oak or an elm or a camphor tree.  If you have a spot that just refuses to drain, I would suggest planting a cypress or a catalpa tree.  Areas that get blasted by the winter wind, a chaste tree or a wax myrtle.  If you get a lot of salt air off the gulf, I'm afraid you are stuck with palm trees, but we have shrubs for you to get that green, leafy look elsewhere in your yard.


I'd like to highlight a few of my current favorite trees (they change by the hour sometimes). :)


Golden Rain Tree (Koelreuteria paniculata)  This medium sized tree has delicate foliage that gives a lovely dappled look to its shade.  The blooms in spring/summer are pale yellow.  Then the seed are yellow in the late summer/early fall with a look reminiscent of strings of Chinese lanterns.


Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)  While common in swamps, it is not particularly popular here in Galveston.  I think this tree is a real show-stopper.  It is one of the few conifers that loses its leaves in the winter, but before they go, they turn a rusty red-brown that makes it stand out.  It also works really well in that low spot where the water pools when it rains.  Their fine textured, pale green foliage is a real contrast to the flaky, reddish bark.


Chaste Tree (Vitex angus-castus)  Often sold as a shrub, the chaste tree is a small tree that blooms purple in summer.  It has a lovely display of color when it blooms, and then holds onto the seedpods for interest even after it loses its leaves.  Don't be put off by the leaf drop; this plant has plenty of branches to hold interest even in the winter.


Live Oak (Quercus virginiana)  This staple of the Southern landscape was once so numerous on the island that you were covered in shade when driving down Broadway.  They can be planted in a surprising number of yards.  Yes, they get large, but judicious pruning will keep them in shape and away from roofs or garages.  Now, the roots are very aggressive, so this is not the tree to plant next to a pool or a foundation.








Gift Certificate Giveaway

Honoring Mother's Day

Sunday, May 10th


With any purchase register to win a $200 gift certificate to Tom's Thumb Nursery. 


Drawing to be held at the end of business on Mother's Day.

We will notify the winner and publish the winner's name in our June newsletter.


Miss Dolly

Peggy's Mother - Dolly Thompson 

DIY "Creative Container Gardening" Class

Day:  Saturday, May 2

Time:  11am


Join us to design and plant a beautiful container garden.  Our staff will be on hand to provide assistance in choosing and planting the perfect pot for your home.  Care instructions and maintenance information will be provided as well.

You can purchase a pot or you may bring your own.



Save 10% off your next in store purchase 
(Gift Cards, Outdoor Furniture, and 
Sale Items are  excluded)
  Show this coupon when making your purchase.
Please share this offer with your friends and family.
Landscaping Services are also excluded
Offer Expires: May 31, 2015

Floral Accents

Designs by Judy Moran


A Native Texan, Judy comes to us by way of Las Vegas, where she ran a very successful event planning business.   Her love of Galveston has brought her back to Texas.  Many of you already have one of Judy's designs on your table or hanging on your door.  If not, stop in and let her create something special for your home.



A Few Items From Our Gift Shop



In the Garden



The flower of Spring is the Rose.  We have many varieties that do well with minimal care, including the Peggy Martin. Also called the Katrina Rose, it withstood flooding from Hurricane Katrina.  The popular yellow Julia Child,  fragrant Belinda's Dream  and Knockout roses are available as well.  Low growing and hardy Drift roses are another island favorite.  

Come in now for the best selection! 






A new shipment of tropicals from Florida arrived last week, including carnivorous pitcher plants and venus fly traps, bromeliads and beautiful ferns!   





 Garden Statuary, Fountains and Pottery


Just arrived!
Kinetic sculptures for your lawn and garden.
A range of colors, sizes and prices.
Come by and take a look!

Just received a shipment of colorful pottery including these fun fish pots!

New pieces of talavera arrived last week.  Includes some smaller iguanas, turtle planters and a few hard to get bird baths!

We aren't talking!

Oleander Festival 2015

Presented by the International Oleander Society


Come celebrate the wonderful world of oleanders and

Honoring Lifetime Member

Betty Head


Festival Hours at Moody Gardens Visitors Center

Day and Time:  Saturday, May 2nd  ~  10 am to 4 pm

                                Sunday,     May 3rd  ~ 12 pm to 3 pm


Both days feature "The Grand Oleander Sale"  

Over 27 varieties available including large, mid-size and dwarf


Friday, May 1st
Kick-off Luncheon and Silent Auction
11:30am at Moody Gardens Hotel
Reservations Required  (281)433-2945



2015 Collection                                        

Sonoma Gathering Table
and Benches.

Perfect for those family gatherings at the beach!


 Plumeria Class


Another informative and instructive class on April 18th presented by Loretta Osteen.  

Excellent attendance and as a bonus everyone attending was treated to a discount on plumerias and plumeria supplies purchased after class.

Thank you, Loretta!


Mark your calendar 

Event:  Annual Back Garden Tour              

June 6 and 7                  


Clean Galveston will present its Back Garden Tour featuring some of 

the most incredible gardens on the island.  

Advance tickets will be available for purchase online and  

at Tom's Thumb Nursery.

Remember to look for us at www.tomsthumbnursery.com.           
Hummingbird plants and feeders for sale! 

and also on  



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