SOWER Ministry Newsletter May 2018
Friends, does it seem like May has been going by at full speed? There are graduations to attend, weddings to celebrate and new babies to hold and enjoy. The lawn, after a long cold (and endlessly snowing it seems) winter, has gone from brown to needing to be mowed overnight. And the vegetable garden is already showing signs of those green beans and radishes peeking out through the dirt. Things are picking up speed at the SOWER office too! The June/July Sowergram is almost ready to go to press, and it's chocked full of information. Not only does it include the PLS (with the Lottery projects listed), GL reports and other articles, it also includes the mid-year roster update, the resumes of the seven members who are running for the Board, and the Ballot for voting. If you're a "Web Only" member and don't receive the hard copy of the 'Gram, don't worry - your ballot and mid-year roster update will be mailed to you. Don't forget to get your ballot into the office by July 1st.
So before the summer schedule kicks in at full speed, take a look at all of the available summer projects. There is nothing like serving at one of our camp projects when it's in full swing! Be a SOWER W.A.S.P. W ork A S ummer P roject! Check 'em out, and sign up! I know you'll be blessed.

Resting in His Mercy,
Stephanie Conrad, #2509   
on behalf of the SOWER Board of Trustees
2018 Trustee Nominees
Additional information and ballots will be included in the June/July Sowergram
JACK JALO - 2575
ROY OLSEN - 2964
We Need Your Help!
The Publicity and Promotions Committee is in the beginning stages of producing an updated SOWER video. And they need YOUR help! They've set up a SOWER Ministry DropBox to start collecting videos and photos from YOU. Contact Gary Conrad - - to get all the details on how to upload your items!
Mark Your Calendar!
Midwest Reunion
Sept. 17 - 20
Michindoh Conference Center
(MI-139) Hillsdale, MI

Cost - $85.00/couple
includes your full-service camping site and five meals

Cabins are an additional $25.00
(includes linens, towels, queen-size beds, and a dorm-size refrigerator)
Golf carts may be available for a fee

Contact Emory Rockafellow to register and for more details.

MN SOWER Retreat
Sept 17 - Sept 19, 2018  
Lake Beauty Bible Camp (MN-523)
Long Prairie, MN

Campground sites $26/night
Loon Lodge or Guest cabin $52/night

Reservations Contact
cell 612-710-3490
Western Wound Up!
SOWERs Intentionally Following Jesus Christ

September 17-20, 2018 Aldersgate Retreat Center (OR-320) Turner, OR. 

Costs include 4 days/3 nights will be as follows (includes 2 lunches and 3 dinners):

         Full hookups - $60
         Dry Camping - $50
         Lodging - $75

Registration is now OPEN!

SOWER Pictures

Our webmaster, Ed Soltes, is facilitating a new webpage (on the Members Only site) for us to share photos.
" Photo Collections " will be used to archive photo collections associated with Sower activity, especially at reunions. This is a work in progress, so please contact Ed Soltes ( ) for submission instructions, along with suggestions for its utility and improvement. 

Texas Round-up Photos are up and ready for viewing!
New Project in Texas
The Project Committee is pleased to announce the addition of Panfork Baptist Camp in Wellington TX (TX-538) as our newest project. While Texas does have a lot of projects already, Panfork is in the Panhandle, a new area for SOWERS.  Their "parent camp" is Riverbend Retreat Center (TX-328)in Glen Rose, TX. 
While this is a camp & conference center for all ages, their primary mission is evangelism & discipleship of young people. They have four (4) openings in September and October, and would be a great place to serve as you travel further south for the winter!

Nancy Ragatz, VP
"Out of the Ordinary" request for the Summer
From Indian Hills Camp
We realize that summer months may not be as popular [to work in Southern California]but we are throwing it out there it see if the Lord will bring a SOWER or two. Also, we may be hot but not humid !!!!!!
We are presently down to only one maintenance person and are searching for replacements to our staff, but it is a slow process to find qualified applicants. You can imagine an 80 acre property with thousands of kids a month are a big wear and tear.
I have thought often lately- if we just had a couple of SOWER couples right now I could stay ahead of this for a few months. So I am requesting we be put on your SOWER choices for June, July and August.
[Check the PLS - it's ready for you to sign up!]
You Want Me to do WHAT??
At New Tribes Mission (Ethnos 360) MO 465

To help prepare Missionaries for the mission field in very remote areas, NTM has a program called 'Simple Living' for student Missionaries. The 'trainees' and their families spend 10 days/nights living in the woods in rustic shelters they construct. They learn how to live off the land and processing live animals for food is part of the program (there are no Kroger stores in Papua New Guinea).

Two medium sized hogs were purchased and Bill helped build a very temporary pig pen and shelter to keep the animals alive. During this exercise, Bill recalls how encouraged he was to watch the young missionaries preparing to live in an inhospitable mission field with great joy for the adventure and God’s plan! 

One just never knows what a project is going to ask you to make!!
Bill & Betsy McClintick 3213

Seen recently on Facebook
Thank-you, Wayne, for sharing this celebration with us on Facebook. Congratulations, Roger and Char, on a milestone in your marriage, and also many heartfelt thanks for your years of service through SOWERS! May God continue to bless you both as you continue to serve in your "second retirement". Well done, good and faithful Servants!
Have you stopped by lately? We're up over 570 members in our FB group, and there is always good sharing of project news and happenings. Make sure you've "checked" the Notification box to receive current posts, and PLEASE post pictures and stories from YOUR projects! Remember this is a "Public Page" and be sure you have permission before you post someone's picture.

If you're a member of Facebook, but haven't joined the SOWER Group, click on the icon to join the family!
While you're on Facebook, don't forget to check out your favorite ministries. Many of our partner ministry locations have a Facebook page and it's a great way to stay up to date on the places you love to serve!

We're at over 650 "Likes" on the SOWER Facebook Page ! If you haven't already given it your thumbs-up,  head over there now! It's a great way to spread the word about our ministry. 

Here is something I learned at New Tribes Mission (Ethnos 360) MO 465
This past month I learned a new laundry trick from the NTM Guest House Manager, Karen. Even washed and dried in blood stains CAN be removed from sheets/linens.
1-Spray the stain with hydrogen peroxide
2-Rub & spray again
3-Spray with Shout or similar stain spray
5-Let it sit 10-15 minutes
Amazing! This method worked on all the dried in blood stains I encountered.
Just re-wash/dry your formerly stained linens and they are like new!!
Betsy McClintick, 3213

This month's group shot is from the April group at Lives Under Construction Boy's Ranch (MO-79).
L-R Michael & Regina Lasher #3405, Ron & Jaci Klick #3335, Richard & Shirley Giles #3151, and Ralph & Julie Spratt #2929
Submitted by Jaci Klick

Header Photo - Janet Turkelson #3192
Dogwood Photo - Anne Adams #2355 (Alumni)
Did you ever wonder what happened to those projects you worked “Way Back When”? While I was recovering from shoulder surgery in the Rio Grande Valley (TX), I thought I’d try to find a project we had worked at in 2003. With the help of some folks at a nearby Christian campground, I tracked down the name of the street it was on, and finally (thank-you, GPS), located where Kings Way (the ministry) had been located. Where we had parked when we served there was filled with houses, but I recognized the building we'd built right away (even with a couple of add-ons!). I knocked on the door a few times and a little old lady in her 80's came to the door. After introductions, we sat and visited for about 20 minutes. The neat thing is that even though it has changed hands several times, it is still being used for ministry. They collect food, clothing and building materials to take into the Colonia's in Mexico south from Pharr, TX. They have over the years with the help of others, built 40 homes in Mexico. It was a very interesting visit and encouragement to know that a steel building the Sowers built 15 years ago is still in the Lord's service even though the ministry has changed.
Bill Ellis #1351
SOWER Blog Roll
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Jeff & Mary Peace
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Dear Sam and Sally,
At our wrap up meeting it was mentioned that some GL's will invite his team members to come into the project on Thursday  if he is settled in.  A great uproar ensued. The consensus was that it was a violation of Sower rules. Would you please clarify this for me? I am one that sees the intent of the rule as, the GL is to arrive first. No other member is to arrive on the project Thursday of their own initiative. I see no restriction stated or implied that the GL, the highest authority on the project, can not  invite   the other members in. What is the need to dry camp at Walmart or Travel America for that Thursday night? Are we that legalistic?
Puzzled by the Guideline
Dear Puzzled,
This is a great question because the "coming in early" is an ongoing concern in our ministry. The guidelines are pretty clear that the GL comes in on Thursday and "all others arrive on Friday or Saturday". It is the intent of that guideline for the GL to arrive early to get settled, meet with the host, and become familiar with the location and surrounding area. But even if he is settled and knows that part of his team is just waiting at a nearby location to come in the next day, it is not appropriate for him to invite them to come in early. Now, is that legalistic? We don't think so. We have guidelines to both give sensible structure to our ministry, but also to protect the host from unnecessary expense. Although many of our hosts are agreeable about letting folks come in early (because they are generous by nature and love SOWERS), we should never abuse that generous spirit. Even though the GL is the "highest SOWER authority" on the project, that authority does not trump stated guidelines. As seasoned travelers, we should be able to gauge our travel plans to arrive on the day that we're supposed to arrive - like you would if you had reservations at a campground or hotel. If we choose to spend a night at a Walmart or nearby campground so we can can arrive Friday morning instead of later in the day, then that would be our choice. Thanks for asking and we hope that clears up the issue for you. 

Sam & Sally
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Colossians 3:17 (ESV)