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May 2017 
Our Annual Retreat
Our Annual Retreat is just around the corner and begins May 31st! Have you registered yet?  We have a few spots left for Alumni and CEOs.  This year's sessions promise to be just as valuable as ever!  To view an agenda, click here and for speaker sessions, click here.  Please email Nomi at  if you would like to attend!    

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Navigating HR Challenges 
Featuring Leadership Initiative Award Winners Denise Roy & Daneal Charney - May 2nd, 8am

The Cost of Brilliant Jerks with Daneal Charney
We've all met well-meaning jerks who are often right and almost always believe they have the organization's best interest at heart but leave a trail of human carnage behind them. Brilliant Jerks cause distress, trigger turnover and sick leaves and tarnish your brand reputation. The stakes can get higher, when the board gets involved, when investors don't want to deal with you, or when a nasty termination escalates to a human rights case. You may want to retain the stellar developer, designer or product manager, but at what cost? As the leader of your organization, what should you do with these brilliant jerks?

Best Practices for Effectively Activating your Human Resources Function with Denise Roy
The technology space is a different beast than its older, more lumbering counterparts on the Canadian business spectrum. It moves at a more accelerated pace of change, with a more diverse set of employee players to contend with. The Human Resources team of any technology organization needs to be equally paired in its pace, style and practices. This session will speak to the Best practices for effectively activating your human resources function. 

The Upside Foundation Launches 150x150: Turn Equity into Charity Campaign

Recently The Upside Foundation launched the 150x150: Turn Equity into Charity challenge, bringing the Canadian startup community together to have a huge positive impact.  In 2017, they are aiming to grow the number of companies who have pledged to give back to 150.  Together, as we celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday, and reflect on what it means to be Canadian, we are making a statement about the role of startups in building a stronger future for Canada.  Join the #150x150 challenge today! Click here to make your pledge.
Are You Still Looking for Co-Op Students?

University of Guelph has co-op students for you! They are available for either 4-8 month internships and have at least 2 years of schooling before their first work term.  Several of them are looking for an internship in a technology company in the GTA.  Contact Kate McRoberts at for more information or click here.
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Yasu Fujita, COO & Founder, FLODocs
Liana Karimova, Manager, People & Culture , Opus One Solutions

Justine Kilby, SVP, Corporate Strategy & Development, Ceridian 
Mark Walker, CEO & Founder, FLODocs
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