First Presbyterian Church of Rome
May 2017

Adult Summer Sunday School

Join us for our Adult Summer Sunday School beginning on June 4 as we study The Work of Christ. We continue the lessons of the past four summers on the attributes of God and the Holy Spirit as we explore the Trinity. Last summer we looked at the Person of Christ. Just as it is important for us to understand who Christ is, it is also important for us to understand what Christ has accomplished.
We will look at the work of Christ as he walked the earth when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us as well as what he does on our behalf as the ascended Lord. This summer will be a great opportunity for us to deepen our knowledge of the Lord and to grow in our relationship with him.

Prayer is the stronghold of our church and one that binds us to Christ and to one another. There are many in our congregation who need prayer. We are opening paths to new ways of communication!  Our new website has an easy online form for submitting personal prayer requests!  Visit and click on the Resources tab.  You will find an option to submit a personal prayer request.  You may choose whether you would like the request private or shared, and whether or not you would like to be contacted.  Regardless of your choice, rest assured that a team will be praying for you!     
Connection cards are also available in each atrium at the "Connection Point." You may use these cards to submit a request. Also, request cards are available in the Sanctuary pew racks and can be slipped into the offering plate.   For more information on submitting a request or how you may become involved with a prayer team, please contact Anita Smith at

Register Now     VBS 2017
June 26th - 30th
Packets are available online 
or in the information racks
Please contact Catherine Burns or Neal Morgan for more information

Our pips lunch will be Thursday April 27 in Fellowship Hall at 11:30.  We will have a delicious lunch catered by Duffy's Deli followed by an educational program.  The guest speaker will be announced soon.  Please join us for great food, fun and fellowship. All adults are welcome.Gibbs Garden trip has been rescheduled!
Thursday, May 18 the PIPS will be traveling to the beautiful Gibbs Garden. We will leave the church at 8:45 am and return by 4:00 pm. Ticket cost is $16 that will be paid at the gate and bring money for lunch.

Our PIPS lunch will be Thursday, May 25 in Fellowship Hall. We will gather around at 11:30 am for grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and all the fixin's. Rev. Wayne Niederhuth will lead us in a devotional and then we will watch a movie, (the movie is optional). Please join us for great food, fun and fellowship. All adults are welcome.

Baby Bottle Boomerang
Our church is once again partnering  with  Haven Health (formally known as Pregnancy Center) in this fundraiser. This is an easy opportunity to be a part of helping mothers choose life and is a great ministry for the entire family. Simply take an empty baby bottle from the information table on Mother's Day, May 14; fill it with loose change, bills, or checks and return it to the church by Father's Day, June 19. If you have any questions, contact the church office.    

On Sunday, May 7 we celebrated and recognized our graduating seniors. We pray for each of them as they continue on life's journey.  They are: 

   Zane Anderson             Anna Claire Atha              Holt Brewster 

   Anna Kate Cagle          Annaliese Clevenger         Carson Earnest

   Evan Gober                 Christian Hayes                 Alan Hester

   Lindsey Hoyt               Barrett Irmscher               Hollis Ledbetter

   Tate Morgan                Chase Pittman                  Anna Kate Rix

   Matt Sartorato             Gamble Shadday                Ryan Shaw

   Abigail Sorrow             Nora Winkler  

A Summer Bethel Discipleship Study
What comes to mind when you think of 'the book of Acts'....the Holy Spirit at Pentecost...the founding of the church at Jerusalem....the apostles...Paul's conversion....Paul's missionary journeys to the Gentiles? All of these things are certainly included in the book of Acts.  But as we look deeper, we begin to see a framework that can help us understand all that is going on the book of Acts. In our Bethel Discipleship classes, we read and study God's Word as a whole....the Old Testament and the New Testament are halves of the same overarching grand narrative. And they are necessarily connected.
So we are going to approach the book of Acts by: (1) reading it in light of the Old Testament promises related to God's Kingdom, and  (2) reading it in light of the New Testament Gospels which tell us of Jesus who has come, died, risen, and ascended to the right hand of the Father.  When we take this approach, we begin to see that Acts is telling us about the continuing reign of Christ in the inaugurated Kingdom of God!  Jesus Christ is the promised Davidic King who has been raised forever to sit on David's throne.   And reigning from the throne of David at the right hand of the Father, Jesus bestows God's blessing to God's people...sending the Holy Spirit to be an enabling presence for His people in growing the Kingdom of God. 
Come and join us as we engage Scripture and marvel at the majesty and might of our reigning King!
Our study will begin on Wednesday, May 24 from 10 am - 12 pm and will continue for eight weeks of study, ending on July 19.  (We will not meet during the week of VBS.)  This is a summer small group Bible study open to anyone who would like to join us!!  Please contact the church office or use the FPC website to sign up.
Missions Spotlight: 
Emily Kaelin, Berry Campus Outreach
Emily leans across the table at Swift and Finch and points to the far table.  "That's where we were sitting when she told me she wanted to become a Christian." Emily Kaelin is on staff with Campus Outreach at Berry College.  She leads five evangelistic, investigative bible studies primarily with women's sports teams.  Her smile is broad and contagious as she eagerly shares how Cate from the soccer team and Kylie and Katlin from the softball team have committed their lives to Christ.  Emily says she is continually amazed at how many Berry students have not heard the Gospel, "many are from the "Bible Belt" and yet have never heard of Jesus' saving grace."  She said her own story of salvation was similar.  She and her twin brother grew up in Florida.  They never attended church.  It just wasn't something they even thought about.  Then one Wednesday night in 8th grade, her mom dropped the two of them off at a big local church. They attended sporadically throughout high school.
It wasn't until they were in college that they asked their mom why she brought them to church that day.  She told them that she had made a reference to the Biblical Noah and they had never heard of him or his life.  It was a cultural, intellectual move to bring them to church... not one of the heart.  It wasn't until Emily and her brother started college at Berry that she was introduced, by Campus Outreach, to the possibility of a relationship with Jesus.  She gave her heart and her life to Christ.  She shared her new-found faith with her brother and he too accepted Christ.  They went home and told their mom about the relationship they now had and she also became a Christian!  As she neared graduation last May, she felt called to go on staff with Campus Outreach.  She could have been placed at many different campuses, but God had plans for her back at Berry!  She said that looking back she could see how God was laying the foundation for her.  She was a RA her Sr. year and it was on her floor that she met and made the connection with the softball team, which opened the door to a continued relationship in her new role. 
If you would like to pray for Emily and hear more about her ministry, please email Natalie at for more information. 

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