May 10, 2017
May Update: Making a Difference
The sun is out and our community is in
full force. Thanks for being part of our
Great Beginnings' family!

Give Big: Our generous families donated $1,550 toward our swingset and our school's outdoor space. Thank you for getting our children swinging again! The swingset has been delivered and is waiting assembly. Trucks delivered yards of sand to top off our sandboxes, and we have a fresh pile of wood chips for the playground. Additionally, we have new soft landing-pads that we've ordered for the bottom of our slides, and we are replacing/ installing a few gates around the property. Thanks for all of your generosity in helping us exceed our goal!

Clean-Up Day TODAY! Come join our parent volunteers outside in the sunshine. We've got wheelbarrows and seedlings - we welcome your help in helping us clean-up after a long winter! Spacial thanks to Melissa, Dove's mom; Bobbi, Evelyn's mom; and Rebecca, Rose's mom - for all the help so far today!

Mexican-Themed Hot Lunch: A special thanks to the families who cooked and served a delicious hot lunch for our children on Tuesday. Carmen, Annabelle's mom; Barb & Jason, David's mom and dad; and Kim, Emily and Dylan's mom. 

Central Valley Fire Department: Thanks to Central Valley Fire Department for visiting our school on Tuesday and speaking with the children about fire safety, and allowing them to tour the fire truck. The children have homework: to learn their home addresses, and to make an emergency evacuation plan with their family!

Mother's Day Breakfast: We welcome all moms (and mom-like figures) to join us for a lovely breakfast Friday morning between 7:45 - 9am. Weather-permitting, take a moment to be outside, walk around the gardens, and enjoy spring with your child(ren). We want a chance to let you know how special you are in your child's life!