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Parking Lot

Dear Members of our Tall Pines School Community,
Re: Parking Lot Safety Standards
Occasionally, there are incidents in our parking lot which provoke concern about the safety and security of our students and their family members. We would like, therefore, to let you all know again, about the norms of behaviour in the parking lot, norms which we use to endeavor to keep everyone safe.
As you know pedestrians (children and adults), are in close proximity to vehicles which are moving in and out of parking spaces. Pedestrians are vulnerable, and children, because of their size and levels of activity, are more vulnerable than adults. Here at Tall Pines School, we take very seriously our commitment to ensuring the safety of our students, and to that end, we require that all adults driving vehicles on our property to adhere to our safety guidelines.
To avoid conflicts, we are reminding everyone to adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Large vehicles, such as SUV's, vans and pickup trucks MUST be vigilant, avoid reversing where possible, and when possible, park in the south part of the lot adjacent to the Gym.
  • Designated parking areas are for those specified on the signs.
  • Whenever you and your children are walking to the school entrance, where possible, please use the pedestrian pathways, marked with cross hatching.
  • Families with older children, grades 4 and up, should use the Kiss and Ride student pickup and drop off service, using the driveway around the building, instead of parking in the lot.
  • Children are not permitted to be in the parking lot unescorted by an adult. Unaccompanied children are to remain in the school until an authorized adult comes to collect them.
  • Children must be under your direct supervision while in the parking lot. Holding hands is a great idea. Please do not get into distracting conversations with friends - free range children are not safe in the parking area.
  • When walking, please endeavor to make eye contact with the drivers of vehicles that are moving, or are about to move. This way, you are sure that they see you.
  • CELL PHONES are NOT to be use while your car is in motion. Should we see drivers using cell phones, they will be reported using Road Watch (click on link to learn about Road Watch)
  • Over the summer months please note that changes will be made to the parking lot such as accommodating more parking spots for parents of toddlers. In addition, cross intersections in the parking lot will soon have STOP lines painted. Please watch for these and proceed only when the cross intersection is clear.
  • Please DRIVE SLOWLY and be aware of your surroundings at all times. 
Thank you to everyone for ensuring that all of our children remain safe and secure while entering or existing the school.
Jan Zaharchuk,
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