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Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center
May 2017
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Welcome, Paula Del Giudice
Summer Camp
Continued Education Opportunities
National Volunteer Appreciation Week
2017 Reins of Life Auction Update
Spring Session Arena Scheduling
Pat Flynn and Margo O'Callaghan Horse Shows
Food for Thought: English Saddle Pads
Important Dates 
May 1
LB welcomes new Executive Director

May 9
Program Volunteer Training

May 10
Give Big 

May 17
Horse Leader Level I Training

May 24
Program Volunteer Training 

May 29
Office closed - Memorial Day 
(No arena shifts; barn team needed) 
Welcome, Paula Del Giudice!
We are pleased to announce that following a nationwide search, Paula Del Giudice has been named the new Little Bit Executive Director. Paula started with us on May 1. 
Paula has been an executive director for more than 10 years at two previous organizations: The Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Seattle Guild.  Paula has also served as a center director of a four-state regional office of the National Wildlife Federation.  She brings a wealth of proven success in fund development and operational management. 

In addition, volunteerism is an important part of her life, starting at a young age and continuing today with several other nonprofit organizations. She has a degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Education. Paula believes in the adage, "plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small."  

You can send a welcome email to  PaulaD@littlebit.org or stop by and say hello when you visit next.  
We are grateful for your continued support of Little Bit! 
Summer Camps are open!
Do you know a child who loves horses? Please invite them to register for summer camp! Camps are open to kids of any ability.

Our 4-day camps run weekly from July 10 through August 24, from 9am-1pm Monday-Thursday. 

Summer camp info and registration form can be found at the front desk or on our website:  http://www.littlebit.org/program/summer-camp.html . 

To volunteer for camp, please email Dana LaRue
Continued Education Opportunities
Paddock Training:
Paddock Trained volunteers can catch and turn out horses  before and after classes. You can sign up for Paddock Training by adding your name to the roster in the tack barn. Trainings occur every week of Spring Session at the following times:
  • Mon, 4-4:45pm
  • Tues, 1:30-2:30pm
  • Wed, 5:30-6:30pm
  • Thurs, 4-4:45pm
  • Fri, 5-6pm 
Horse Leader Level I  
This training teaches volunteers how to lead and help our four-legged therapists follow directions before, during, and after class. Volunteers must first be Paddock Trained before participating. Horse Leader Training will be offered on:
  • Wed, May 17, 7-9 pm
  • Wed, June 7, 7-9 pm 
Horse Leader Level II
This training is an excellent opportunity to brush  up on or expand upon leading  skills. Training will be held on  
  • Tues, June 20, 7-9 pm 
Training Team
Training Team members lend expertise and assist in the training of new volunteers. In order to participate, volunteers must have served at least eight hours in the arena, successfully passed Horse Leader Training Level I, and enjoy working with people. Training will be held on: 
  • Wed, June 21, 6:30-8:30pm.
Email  Alison McCarthy  to sign up for a continued education opportunity and assist Little Bit in a new capacity! 
Every 'Little Bit' helps - Tack Cleaning
Volunteers often find themselves with moments of "down time" as they wait for classes to start. There are so many ways at Little Bit to keep busy and help with the mission. If you're unsure what tasks you can be working on, please take a look at the "Miscellaneous Tasks" binder in the Tack Barn or ask a staff member. Every 'little bit' helps!! 

This month's focus is on cleaning tack, including b ridles, l eather western and english saddles, l eather girths, and h alters. 

Supplies such as rags, sponges,
and leather cleaner can be found in the white cupboard in the tack barn. 


Leather items:

* Fill a small bucket with warm water.
* Dip a sponge or rag in the water and wring it out nearly dry.
* Rub it over the leather to remove dust, dirt and sweat.
* Wipe off excess water left on the leather with a dry rag.
* Use leather cleaner: Please follow the directions on the container.
* Use dry towel to wipe the cleaner off when done.


* See above for cleaning instructions.
* Clean only the leather parts of the bridle- Do not clean the rainbow reins.
* After the leather is cleaned, wipe the bit off with a wet sponge (DO NOT USE SOAP!) Remove all caked on saliva, carrots, hay and green slime from the bit.
* Hang bridle back up under the appropriate horse's name.
* Please use the bridle cleaning sheet on the white cabinet to indicate which bridle was cleaned and when.

Non-leather saddle, girths, and misc. equipment: 

* Use a dry, soft brush or rag to wipe down wintec saddle
* Use a damp rag or sponge to wipe girth off. Do not leave excess water on girths. 

When you're done, be sure to mark the appropriate equipment as 'completed' on the tracking sheet taped on the white cupboard in the tack barn.
National Volunteer Appreciation Week Prize Winners
From there to here, and here to there, thank you, thank yous everywhere!  Volunteers are essential to Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center's success. We appreciate the time, skills, energy, passion, and knowledge you contribute day in and day out. 

There were one fish, two fish, 1,472 fish in the bowl last week for our National Volunteer Appreciation Celebration. We chose the six closest guesses, one for each day of the service week. 

Congratulations to our winners:

Judi Badgley 
Debbie Bacon
Cara Freeberne
Grace Hammarlund 
Katie Hart 
Jan Kremer

Volunteers can pick up their prize at the Front Desk. 

Didn't win this time? Don't worry! You'll have a chance to win more cool prizes in our Online Substituting Campaign the week of July 10. 

Thank you to Karyl  Alvord and Garlic Jim's for supporting our volunteers! 
2017 Reins of Life Auction Update
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

The 2017 Reins of Life Auction was spectacular. The countless hours put in by our auction committee, staff, and volunteers, coupled with everyone's determination and dedication to producing an event Little Bit could be proud of, resulted in an evening that will be remembered for years to come.
We met our auction fundraising goal of $300,000, with donations still being counted. Just as important, we had a chance to highlight the important work of Little Bit while connecting (or re-connecting) with our community.
Click here to view photos courtesy of volunteer Kimberly Lind, owner of Kimberly Lind Photography( http://kimberlylindphotography.com )
Please reach out to Kristin Miller if you have any questions, or suggestions for next year. 

We are ecstatic about the results, the team effort, the energy and all the wonderful comments floating around. Thank you to the 75 volunteers who made it all possible. 
Spring Session Arena Scheduling
Thank you to all the volunteers who made the first three weeks of session such a success!

We still need to fill roughly ten permanent slots and we'd love for you to help us reach a 100% fill rate. If you're interested in helping on a recurring basis, please  contact  Dana LaRue  at 425-882-1554. 

Little Bit relies heavily on substitute volunteers to cover shifts when a rider's regular volunteer cancels.  Please contact Melanie Renk to join our sub list or update your availability. 

To sign up for a substitute shift, please call 425-882-1554 or visit the  The Volunteer Information Center to view available shifts and sign up from any internet connected device.
Pat Flynn and Margo O'Callaghan Horse Shows
2017 Horse Show Season is upon us! 
Our in-house horse shows are often the culmination of months of hard work for our clients and give them an incredible opportunity to show off their skills to family, friends, and the community. Both shows are named in honor of Little Bit riders who have left an incredible and lasting impact on our program. 

The 30th Annual Pat Flynn show will take place June 23 and 24 and includes equitation, obstacle, barrel racing, and showmanship classes. The 10th Annual Margo O'Callaghan show will be held on Sunday, June 25  and is a dressage show. 

The Ben Baratto Memorial BBQ is a wonderful community celebration on Saturday after competition wraps up. 

We would love your help to ensure our riders are set up for success!  Whether you are interested in "Arena Tasks" like assisting the riders, horses, and judges or "Non-Arena" tasks like helping with the BBQ, selling concessions or directing traffic, we have a job that will suit you perfectly! 
Contact  Dana LaRue  for more information about how you can join the FUN!  
Food for Thought: English and Dressage Saddle Pads
Here's a look at the different English and Dressage saddle pads you might see used at Little Bit. (Check out April's Edition for Western pads ). 

To keep both horses and riders happy and comfortable: If you're ever unsure about which tack to use, please ask a Class Assistant or other staff member.

Riser Pads:
Riser pads are usually made of synthetic foam-like material and are intended to balance the saddle, reduce shock and even out pressure. There are front risers and risers that lift the back of the saddle.While riser pads and other pads that reduce pressure on the horse's back can help solve minor saddle fitting problems, they cannot make up for a saddle that does not fit the horse. Click here for a photo of a riser pad.
Cotton Dressage pads:
Cotton dressage saddle pads protect the horse against the friction of the saddle. The padded fabric allows for stability and comfort while remaining breathable.  Click here for a photo of a cotton dressage pad.

Roma pads: 
Cotton Roma saddle pads protects the horse against the friction of the saddle. The padded fabric allows for stability and comfort while remaining breathable.    Click here for a photo of a roma pad.  
Nunn finer:
This  pad  is made of foam rubber and helps prevent the saddle and saddle pad from slipping.   Click here for a photo of a nunn finer.
Mattes pad:
This pad has 4 pockets along the spine--2 front pockets and 2 rear pockets where shims can be added depending on the particular need of the individual horse.  Click here for a photo of a mattes pad.

ThinLine saddle pads:
ThinLine pads are made with a shock-absorbing, breathable foam that molds to the horse, creates better saddle fit, and enhances riding. Most pads come with a pocket to add shims for saddle fit needs.  Click here for a photo of a ThinLine pad.

Prolite pads:
Prolite pads offer 3-in-1 protection, first by absorbing impact from strikes and blows or rider movement, second by dispersing pressure points over a wider area, and third by absorbing lateral movement while remaining still against the skin Click here for a photo of a prolite pad.

Article contributed by our Equine Director, Dana Richardson. Thanks, Dana!
Article Headline
Have a topic you'd like to see covered in an upcoming newsletter? 

Send your ideas and questions to  Lindsay Shepard!
Volunteer Spotlight: Greg McGwire
What motivated you to volunteer at Little Bit?  
I love to help people, and Little Bit was a perfect place to do just that. Volunteering at Little Bit is the highlight of my week!!

Which Little Bit horse is your favorite? 

Do you have a funny or meaningful LB moment you can share? 
One Saturday morning I was returning to the arena (after a long break) and rider Sherry greeted me by my name--first time by name--with her lovely smile. It was a great moment.

Do you have a hobby you love to spend time on?  
When I am not volunteering or working - I play bass guitar in a rock and roll band.

What's one piece of advice you'd give a new volunteer?   
If you are unsure how to do something, don't be shy-- just ask for help.  You are surrounded by knowledgeable and kind folks who would be more than happy to help.

Greg has volunteered at Little Bit since 2015 and helps out as a Horse Leader. One of our instructors said that Greg is "consistent and helpful and very encouraging and caring with the kids." Thank you, Greg, for all you give to Little Bit. We are so thankful for volunteers like you. 
Meet Our Staff: Alison McCarthy
What do you do and h ow long have you worked for Little Bit?   
I've been the Volunteer Program Assistant at Little Bit for 3 years and a volunteer since 2011. I schedule volunteers for classes each week, our annual Horse Show and Reins of Life Auction, plus any other events we have throughout the year. Post all substitute shifts online in Volgistics. Update the availability of all volunteers on the Sub list. Sign people up for Leader Training. Process new volunteer applications. Cover front office when needed. 
What do you love most about Little Bit? 
The sense of family and caring for each other. Everyone is very committed to our riders, patients and horses. The relationships formed in the arena are life changing.
Do you have a fun story to share about Little Bit? 
One new rider didn't like my accent and told me to "Stop talking, you are hurting my head!" It was hard not to laugh. Determined to win him over, the following week I told him about a word game we should play. How some words in English are different in American. From that moment on we were best friends.
What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have?
I like to spend as much time as possible with my horse, Mr B. He brings me, an d all who know him, much joy. Enjoying the simple things in life with my hubby Darryl.

What is the one place or country you would like to visit?
I can't wait to visit India. The trip I would like to take will be about a month, so not for a while yet.
Tell us something fun about yourself?
I've lived and worked abroad most of my adult life. This is my fourth continent to date!
GiveBig - Now through May 10

The Seattle Foundation's annual fund drive, Give BIG , is going on right now. Our goal is $17,000.00 by May 10th. We need your help to get there! 
In addition, a generous anonymous donor gave us a $2,500.00 match challenge. We are determined to meet that match.
P.S. Please share this with your friends! We have less than a week to go!
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