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Here are a few tips on finding new business with your existing contacts: 
  1. Send out Thank You's to everyone on your contact list and thank them for their support (even if they have not bought from you lately)
  2. Highlight the top three products/services you are providing for clients today! 
  3. Post the Thank You and separately post each product/service and the benefit of each as posts on Facebook, Linkedin and twitter. 
  4. Go to your groups in LinkedIn and post each of those products/services again as a separate post and link them back to your website.
  5. Go to your website and list those items at the top of your home page or products/services page.
  6. For more information on how to make the most of your Social Media, come to our FREE Workshop on Social Media Made Simple at 10am this Thursday 5/10 in Torrance. Then register to stay for our Facebook Class after that ($99). 

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Liz Harsch has been helping small businesses make more of their marketing budget since 1988.  She has been awarded by Constant Contact as an All Star Email Marketer and an Authorized Local Expert to present Email and Social Media Workshops and offers other Small Business Workshops. For more information to improve your traditional or online marketing program contact Liz at 310-791-6300 at Tailor-Made Advertising in Torrance. Visit Liz's workshop schedule or request her as a speaker to present at your next organization meeting.

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