It is hard to believe that the school year is nearly done! Our students are now learning their last few topics for this school year, before beginning review and then exams. As I've walked the corridors this year I've been impressed with the good teaching and learning that is happening, so I'm confident our students will do well. 

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and getting a glimpse into a few of the events over the last couple of months.
Graduation is in June
Graduation is the highlight of our year, so if you happen to be in Belize, please contact us at if you'd like to come. 

Senior Graduation is June 25.
Preschool Graduation is June 29. 
Numeracy Program to launch next year
Raise Me Up will be launching a Numeracy Program at Holy Cross this September, adding to their successful Literacy Program. This will provide 1:1 in school tutoring for students who need a bit, or a lot, of extra help.

Click here to learn more about the program, including how you can help if you're ever here for a week or more. 
St Michael's Episcopal run Easter Bible School and upgrade kitchen ceiling
St Michael's Episcopal Church returned to Holy Cross to run an Easter Vacation Bible School, upgrade our kitchen ceiling and do many, many other little but essential jobs.
Student Field Trip
Standard 3 students went on a field trip to Belize City to visit the Weather Bureau as well as a tour of the city's historic sites. It was a fun day out for all.

Palapa Floor
We are very grateful to First Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan who visited a few months ago to lay the foundations for a new floor for our palapa. The floor is now complete and provides a great shady, breezy space for students to run and learn.
Sand Received
We are also very grateful to Projects Abroad for filling in a low area behind our upper division, creating a wonderful, clean space. it looks great!
Top Wishlist Items
If you or someone you know is coming to Belize, please take note of our top 5 needs:
  1. Graduation prizes (eg youth bibles, nice book bags, math sets, calculators, art supplies...)
  2. Dustless Chalk
  3. Sports Equipment (volleyball, basketball, soccer)
  4. Clear packing tape
  5. Printer ink
Full wishlist
Thank you once again for celebrating our successes with us, and continuing to support this great school.

And remember, if you ever hear someone say these wonderful words - "I'm going to Belize" then PLEASE TELL THEM ABOUT US, and make sure they know we'd love for them to visit.

Have a wonderful day and hope to see you again sometime.

Lydia and the team at Holy Cross
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