September 1, 2017



Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Mayor Turner Issues Voluntary Evacuation Request for Much of District G
Today Mayor Turner issued a voluntary evacuation request for much of District G.  If you have any water inside your home, and if you live in an apartment or high rise if there is currently any water on the first floor, in an area bounded by I-10 on the north, Briar Forest on the south, Highway 6 on the west and Gessner on the east, you are asked to get out of your home and stay out for at least the next two weeks.
Given the current water releases from Barker and Addicks Reservoirs by the Army Corps of Engineers, and its intention to continue such releases at the current level, the situation on the ground is not anticipated to change for the next two weeks.  Despite requests by Council Member Travis and Mayor Turner, the Army Corps intends to continue releases between 13,300 cfs and 16,000 cfs for at least the next two weeks.  If you have water in your home, it will be there for at least the next two weeks.  If you do not have water in your home, the Mayor and the Harris County Flood Control District said they currently do not anticipate that you will receive flood water and should be able to stay in your home.  If you do stay in your home, please continue to monitor weather conditions.
In issuing his request, the Mayor cited the risk of electrocution, structural compromise, water quality, and critters in the water (including gators, snakes and fire ants).  The Mayor acknowledged during his press conference that most of these homes had no flooding as the result of the intense rainfall we received, and were only flooded by the release of water from Addicks and Barker Reservoirs.

If you are in the voluntary evacuation area and need assistance, the City of Houston urges you to call 911.   The city will provide transportation to the NRG Park shelter for those in need of housing or residents can proceed there directly.

More information on the water levels in Addicks and Barker and the water inundation areas can be found here:  For current information on Buffalo Bayou, follow the link to "  Buffalo Bayou Inundation Scenarios, August 30, 2017."

  We will update you as more information becomes available.

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