September 14, 2017



Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Many constituents have heard that Mayor Turner proposed increasing the tax rate in the City of Houston by nearly nine percent (9%).  Yesterday, City Council voted "YES" on Agenda Item 9, with Council Members Travis, Kubosh and Christie voting " NO". This agenda item did not approve the Mayor's tax rate increase.  Rather, it placed a vote on the increase on City Council's agenda for October 18, and scheduled three (3) public hearings at which concerned residents will be allowed to voice their opinions about the tax rate increase.  Although Council Member Travis approves of having public hearings to allow taxpayers to voice their opinions about this tax raise, he opposed putting the rate of $0.638750/$100 value on council's agenda.

Three Public Hearing Dates Established:

6:00 P.M. - Monday - September 25, 2017;
6:00 P.M. - Monday - October 2, 2017; and
9:00 A.M. - Wednesday - October 11, 2017

9:00 A.M. - Wednesday - October 18, 2017 (City Council Vote)

All three public hearings will be held in the City Council Chamber, 901 Bagby, 2nd Floor, Houston, TX 77002.  We invite all constituents to attend one or more of the public hearings to express their opinions about the Mayor's proposed tax raise. If you wish to reserve time to speak at a public hearing, please call the City Secretary's Office at 832-393-1100.

We also remind our constituents that they each have seven representatives in city government, Council Member Travis, five at-large city council members, and Mayor Turner:

CM Mike Knox 832-393-3014
CM David Robinson 832-3936-3013
CM Michael Kubosh 832-393-3005
CM Amanda Edwards 832-393-3012
CM Jack Christie 832-393-3017
Mayor Turner 713-837-0311


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