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McKinstry, Career Pathways Featured in New Ready Washington Video

Students in Washington state will have many career paths available to them. Recent data point to 740,000 job openings in Washington state in just the next five years. Learning about the range of career opportunities that students might pursue, and the associated educational pathways, is an important part of preparing for the future.
In the latest Ready Washington video, students can get a window into several career paths available at McKinstry, one Washington company that offers a wide mix of opportunities including unionized craftsmen, project and construction engineers, and more. 
Senate Democrats Introduce Another McCleary Plan

The legislature has another McCleary plan to consider, from a group of moderate Senate Democrats.  SB 5825, introduced by Senators Mullet, Hobbs, and Takko, was heard in the Ways and Means Committee this week.  This bill includes aspects of both  SB 5607 , passed by the Senate a month ago, and HB 1843  which passed the House last week. The Washington Research Council provides a side-by-side comparison of the proposals offered to date. Read more

The Washington Roundtable and Partnership for Learning have been reviewing proposals as they come forward. The Roundtable will continue to advocate for a solution that is sustainable, that is based on a student-weighted funding formula, and that directs funds to low-performing schools and students who are struggling. Read more about our priorities for improving education in our report released earlier this year, "Creating Great Schools for Washington Students."
Computer Science: Advancing Opportunity Across Washington

Computer science opportunities are growing for Washington students, helping them learn critical skills for their futures. Washington STEM released a new video that shares the stories of computer science champions from all around the state. From rural schools to out-of-school learning experiences, to collaboration across districts, these stories represent the possibilities that computer science holds for Washington students. 

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