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July 3, 2013

McLaren Logo This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of one of the most successful organizations in the sport's history. Bruce McLaren Motor Racing was initially formed in 1963 to run the 1964 Tasman Series with specially prepared 2.5 litre Coopers. Bruce won the Tasman Championship but lost teammate Tim Meyer during the final race meeting. It was the first of an incredible number of championships won over the next 50 years by Team McLaren in a variety of professional racing series around the globe. From the early days of Group 7 sports cars, to CanAm and Formula 5000, Formula One, the Indianapolis 500 and LeMans, the name McLaren is synonymous with excellence and victory.
American Tyler Alexander was one of the founding members of Bruce McLaren's little team and would spend most of his distinguished career with the organization. His responsibilities grew with the Team, from mechanic to chief mechanic, to chief engineer, to Engineering Director of the F1 team and a Director of McLaren Ltd.
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After a few years away from 'home' in the 1980s, Ron Dennis brought Tyler back as his Special Project Manager, a position he enjoyed until his recent retirement.
An accomplished photographer, Tyler Alexander recorded the history of the McLaren organization from the team's birth through the early 21st century. David Bull Publishing is proud to present a selection of those photos in a new book entitled 'McLaren From The Inside: Photographs by Tyler Alexander', to be released later this month. 
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Bull and Alexander have assembled 115 black and white and 10 color photos for this large format (11"x11"), 144 page hardcover book. The photos represent two very different periods. Part I covers the team's formative years in the 1960s through black and white shots of Bruce and his team building, testing and racing their cars both in England and around the world. 

Images of friends and competitors are also included, among them, legendary drivers such as Jim Clark, Dan Gurney and Sir Jackie Stewart, as well as the era's top team managers, John Cooper, Colin Chapman and Carroll Shelby and other personalities.
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In Part II, Alexander captures the high-tech, hypercompetitive atmosphere of modern day Formula One featuring images of the stars of today, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and others.

We expect to have copies of this 'must have' new book in stock by the time we leave for Road America in 2 weeks. 

Order your copy below.

In addition to our normal mail order or pick-up terms, you can also reserve a copy for delivery at the track. Just specify RA Delivery on your order form.

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'McLaren From The Inside: Photographs by Tyler Alexander' 
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We've added about 50 new selections to our TWM Collection listings of previously owned 1/18 scale models. Most of the recent additions are priced under $50. Later this month, we will be adding the final 100 or so pieces from this impressive collection. 

Visit our Online Shopping Website often this month. Lots going on.

We will be closed Thursday, July 4. Happy Independence Day!

Back Friday. Normal hours Saturday, too.

 - Paul

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