January 2017
The McShan Plane Dealer is Retiring!
After 27 years

In the summer of 1990 our sales manager Mark Junkins had the innovative idea to start a company newsletter called The McShan Plane Dealer and the first issue was mailed on July 5 of that year.  The concept was to use the publication to get our name out to our customers and friends and offer timely information about lumber pricing, company and personnel information and in general provide a conduit for spreading the word about what we consider a fine company with excellent products and employees.  

In the early years The Plane Dealer was type set and published on a state of the art Apple McIntosh and saved to a floppy disc which was then taken to a local shop for printing and folding.  Delivery was twice monthly by US mail since at that time we of course knew nothing about the internet and email and the fax machine was still new and considered high tech.  

The newsletter was a labor of love for Mark and our company received countless comments and accolades for it although it was almost always Mark alone who deserved all the credit.  He always stated that "if we look good I look good".  Years later as technology allowed The Plane Dealer ceased to be printed and evolved into a PDF format which could be emailed to the now broad readership and then after Mark's death in 2013 Grover Allgood took the lead and began broadcasting the letter using a web program called Constant Contact.  Thanks to Grover The Plane Dealer continued to receive high praise but Constant Contact provided us with something that we had never had before which is true analytical feedback and measurement of our readership and when, how, and if people opened the publication.  The results were not what we thought they should be considering the time and effort it takes to publish The McShan Plane Dealer.  

We believe that what was once so fresh, innovative, and new is now simply being lost in that clutter of "stuff" that we all awake to find in our inbox. Everyone is awash in newsletters, surveys, advertisements, requests, etc. and it is frustrating and time consuming to sort the diamonds from the rough.  For this reason we feel it is time to discontinue the Plane Dealer and innovate once again using modern means and social media in an effort to continue delivering both the intent and content that has made The Plane Dealer so special for almost 27 years.  Although Facebook is the king (we currently have 673 followers from 31 different countries on our McShan Lumber Company page) we will also explore other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter and whatever else we find to be fun and effective.  

While this notice was originally conceived as an obituary for The McShan Plane Dealer it is in fact more truthfully a retirement notice.  A retirement after 27 years of hard work and exemplary service to this company and I have no doubt that Mark Junkins would be the first to embrace this new era of communication in such a way.  We would appreciate your suggestions for content and media platform. 

So please join us as we embark on this path by following us on Facebook. Your children already do.

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