"Who is P.G. Sittenfeld?"




There are widespread news reports today indicating that Councilmember P.G. Sittenfeld, once against the wasteful Streetcar project, has flip-flopped and is now supporting it.  


It begs the question, "Who is P.G. Sittenfeld?"  

After leading the city by garnering the largest number of votes in an election that was plainly a referendum on the Streetcar, Mr. Sittenfeld has taken the politically expedient route to placate a portion of his vocal base and flip-flopped on this critical issue facing the future of this city. 


Statement of Chairman Triantafilou

"I'm rarely surprised when politicians flip-flop, but this one did surprise me and many Republicans.  Sold to many of us a "fiscally conservative Democrat," Mr. Sittenfeld enjoyed strong Republican voter support in the election less than 3 weeks ago.  He also enjoyed strong financial support from many Republican donors."

"Today's news is both disappointing and highly frustrating.  Just when the voters of Cincinnati made the right decision to move our city forward on a path of fiscal responsibility by ending this wasteful, expensive, and poorly planned public works project, we find ourselves only one city council vote away from its continuation."

"Surely, the voters in Cincinnati, and especially the majority who demand some fiscal responsibility, cannot be happy with Councilmember Sittenfeld's flip flop.  Councilmember Sittenfeld should keep his campaign commitment, terminate this wasteful project, fix the structurally unbalanced budget he has helped create, fix the broken pension system, and provide some adult leadership to a city so sorely lacking it.  Instead, he has taken the politically expedient route of placating the loud minority of Streetcar zealots who refuse to honor the will of the people."


"I'm concerned about Mr. Sittenfeld's future votes on this city council." 


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