Media Release
Kelly Arnold, Chairman, Kansas Republican Party

Chad Taylor's Corrupt Withdrawal Bargain Cannot Stand

"This is an attempt by Liberal Washington Democrats to disenfranchise Kansas Democrats and invalidate their primary election.  You cannot throw an election in the garbage because some people find the results inconvenient.  70,000 people voted in the Democratic primary.  That cannot be undone by a corrupt closed door bargain, reeking of back room deals and secret promises."  said Kelly Arnold, Kansas Republican State Party Chairman.
One democratic operative told the national media that  the Kansas Democratic party is planning to launch a campaign targeting Republicans for "failing on morality" and Chad Taylor's baggage and would have undermined that message.   (http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/senate-races/216586-democrat-drops-out-of-kansas-senate-race#ixzz3CLkGtBzG). 

 "It sure looks like the Kansas Democrat party bosses could not care less about what their own voters think and forced Taylor out."  said Kelly Arnold.  "The people of Kansas deserve to know what is going on behind the closed doors of the Democrat power brokers."  
Moreover, the legality of Chad Taylor's attempted withdrawal is in serious doubt and it is by no means a done deal.  The Kansas Secretary of State's Office has not ruled on Taylor's withdrawal and his name is still on the ballot.

Kansas Statute KSA 25-306b(b) states that to withdraw a candidate must declare "that they are incapable of fulfilling the duties of office if elected."   That language was specifically added to the statute in 1997 to prevent candidates withdrawing unless something changed in their life that made them utterly incapable of serving  in office.  

Mr Taylor's withdrawal notice conveniently left out this mandatory statement.  As a lawyer, familiar with Kansas statutes and bound by ethical prohibitions on making false statements, he must have avoided claiming incapability because he still is perfectly capable of fulfilling the duties of US Senator, if elected.    

"The people of Kansas demand to know what changed in the last few days that made Mr. Taylor suddenly incapable of serving.  Just a few days ago he was claiming he would win the race and was in it to the end."  asked Chair Arnold  "Is he now also incapable of serving as Shawnee County District Attorney?"


Chairman Arnold continued -"If this corrupt withdrawal is allowed to stand, then the Kansas Democrats cannot be permitted to suppress the votes of 70,000 party members.  They must pick a replacement candidate to run for US Senate on the Democratic ticket."

If Mr. Taylor is allowed to withdraw, the Kansas Democrats must replace him. Statute 25-3905 uses the word "shall"  - not "may" -  in directing the party to replace any candidate who withdraws after winning a primary election.  

Patrick Weisner, who lost the democrat primary after winning 47% of the vote, has apparently told the media he would run as the Democratic Party's candidate and standard bearer for the Senate - unless he is pressured to drop out too.



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