Leading physician in the Biblical Counseling movement is coming -
Onsite or Online live on March 17-18 

Our Guests Speaker: Dr. Charles Hodges M.D
Family Physician, Biblical Counselor
& Licensed Therapist
Dr. Charles Hodges lectures from coast to coast on a gamut of family counseling issues, specializing in the synthesis of Biblical counseling and medical practice. He is an instructor at Faith Bible Seminary  M.D., Indiana University School of Medicine; M.A., Counseling, Liberty University; M.A., Religion, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

$20 Individual 
$15 Student or Senior
$35 Two People
(These are discounted rates that apply through Sunday, Feb 26 only)

Detailed Session Descriptions
2017 Biblical Change Conference

7pm - Counseling those with Medical Illness ( Dr. Charles Hodges, MD) -  You will learn how the hope and wisdom of Scripture greatly helps those who are suffering with physical illness. You will learn how to receive and give this grand biblical hope and help to the one battling the fatigue, pain and complications of chronic illness .

8pm - Inside-Out Change  (Tim Bryant, MABC)   Go behind the scenes of one woman's story in her recovery from long-term, severe depression & anxiety through a team approach of a local Physician and Biblical Counselor. Learn to seek and provide complete body-soul solutions to those with moderate to severe emotional problems. (Complete with Scriptures, tools and methods .)

9am - Psychiatric Medication and the Depressed
Soul ( Dr . Charles Hodges, MD) What can modern psychiatric medicine actually do to help the brain or body of those struggling with troubling emotions and cognitive impairment? What does modern research show? What is the basis of knowing when it is wise to use medication for the treatment of depression, anxiety or even anger? Hear this through the lens of a Physician, Marriage Therapist and Biblical Counselor who regularly combines the practice of medicine with biblical counseling.
10:15am - The Effects of Biblical Meditation Upon Your Brain & Emotions (Tim Bryant, MABC) In this session you will receive not only a biblical view of emotions and how to transform them, but valuable tools and methods to apply them to your life or ministry to others. These are counselor-tested tools that have resulted in change for many who have come to the center with depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, rage, racing thoughts, etc.
11:30am - How Medicine & Sufficiency of Scripture Meet ( Dr Charles Hodges, MD)   Over the years of his medical and ministry experience, Dr. Hodges has been blessed by God to develop effective methods in ministering to both the body & soul of his patients. You will gain valuable insights and practical tools for being both a physician of the soul as well as body whether you are a pastor, people-helper, counselor or Physician.

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Since 2003, the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center has sought to advance Biblical transformation through counseling, training, and resources - onsite and online - because we believe people matter to God and to His glory. We believe the primary way in which God transforms a person is by giving that person a greater personal understanding of Himself through Jesus Christ, and a greater practical understand of His will through the Word of Christ. We are located in  Charleston, South Carolina and have multiple counselors certified by A.C.B.C. God has transformed many lives and reconciled many families through LCBCC since 2003 as we have remained faithful to this biblical process for real change. We invite you to come and see if we can serve your need whether it be for counseling, counseling training, or resources.

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