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Employee of the Month!
Aida O'Sullivan
Chiropractic Administrative  Assistant 
Congratulations to the June winner of Employee of the Month: Aida!

"She is always so friendly and flexible :) "  Aida is an amazing Chiropractic Administrative Assistant (among other things), who has single handedly managed the front desk through staff changes and holidays with ease and grace!

Congratulations Aida!

Exercise and Menopause
Freya Ames, Personal Trainer Specialist,
Assistant Manager, The Gym
As a Trainer I am asked about this a lot…and I am getting to that time in my life as well - So I though I’d look into this subject a little more!

Here are some of my findings:

Some researchers have found that exercise, more than diet, has the biggest effect on losing abdominal fat!   Interesting, but it probably has to do with the fact that building muscle mass causes your metabolism to work harder which in turn burns fat and helps prevent the storage of fat as well.  Your metabolism is burning calories even while you are no longer at the gym. The workout you did 12 hours ago could still be stimulating the metabolism to work harder.

There is support that short bursts of activity known as High Intensity Interval Training and Strength Training are the best bet for women dealing with menopause due to how Cortisol interacts with the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Testosterone release (yes women have some Testosterone as well).  These hormones together help to burn fat and build/preserve lean mass (muscle).  This is what you need in order to support bone density, lose fat and boost metabolism to keep weight off.  (
There are many other benefits as well you your overall health, but we are focusing on how to lose fat stored during menopause!)

Long workouts are said to cause a stress response which causes too much of a spike in Cortisol levels to be beneficial for weight loss.  Shorter, more intense sessions are therefore preferable.  There is such a thing as over working out, especially if you are under a lot of stress.

Relaxing activities such as massage, slow walks, Tai Chi, saunas, etc. really help to lower Cortisol release. This is good, as Cortisol plays a roll in fat production/storage as well as other health issues.

Of course, diet does play a big roll in how your body is handling all of these natural changes going on in your body.  A diet high in protein, low in starchy foods, and full of high fibre are a good start.  I recommend seeing a health coach for more specific information.

So bottom line: exercise is your friend and is a great way to relieve some of the issues related to this time of life.  Yes it will make you sweat, but you are anyway so what do you have to lose?   Oh yeah, maybe some unwanted extra pounds ;)

Ask Freya how Personal Training can increase your joy in Life!
Our Senior Personal Trainer Freya Ames Is pursuing a long neglected love of horses. She has purchased a big beautiful Paint by the name of Hank.
So, If she comes into work smelling a little….horsey, you will know why!
Doing something because you truly love it has it’s own rewards and is a good reminder that there is more to life.
Book some one-on-one time with Freya and she will be in your corner supporting your desire to be a stronger, leaner healthier version of yourself
Client Story
Rachael Bowman, Nutrition and Footwear Associate
"Probiotics and Fish oils helped with Weight Loss!"
A few weeks back I had the pleasure of speaking to a woman whose 13 year old son was having some health issues. She told me that he had recently had his tonsils removed and was put on medications - and for some reason he had gained weight and just could not lose it.  He was eating healthily and had enjoyed doing so, and they could not figure out where the struggle had started. I suggested that her son take probiotics in order to re-establish the good bacteria in his body that had been stripped from being on anti-biotics and a liquid fish oil to help reduce any inflammation. She took my advice because she desperately wanted to get her son back to his healthy weight.  Within as little as 3 weeks she was back in the store to show me before and after photos and there was drastic improvement! His cheeks alone had completely reduced in size and he looked happy and healthy. Mom was too!

Dawn Ramsey, Nutrition and Footwear Associate
Often we choose shoes based on the way they look, rather than the comfort and the support they offer. Finding a shoe with the style you want and the support you need can be difficult, but here at the Integrated Health Centre we have the shoes for you.
Vionic creates shoes that combine todays must have trends, with podiatrist designed insoles, to create a comfortable shoe that looks good too! They believe style doesn’t need to hurt.
Each pair of Vionic footwear offers unique orthotaheel technology built right into the shoe. These shoes and sandals offer ample ache support, perfect for individuals with high arches or those who require orthotics. Further more, with their deep heel cup and firm, yet flexible, midsoles they promote natural alignment from the ground up. 

Are Supplements a Waste of Money?
Mandy Christink, Nutrition and Footwear Associate
I started working in the nutrition store at the beginning of the New Year.  Up until this point I thought I was living a fairly healthy life style.  I exercised regularly, ate decently, stayed hydrated and got enough sleep.  I didn’t take any supplements, not even a multi vitamin.  Within a couple months of working in the store I had more than a few supplements in my cupboard – all treating one or more of my symptoms.  Being a little bit of a hypochondriac every supplement had the natural cure to everything that ailed me; I was hooked. I was taking everything from Borage oil to keep me looking younger to Adrenal support to help manage my stress and everything in between. 

One morning as I was going through the cupboard taking all these supplements my daughter asked me if I was sick, and why was I taking so many drugs.  It hit a nerve and I started to wonder; was I really improving my health or was I just wasting my money.

I decided to do a little experiment.  One of the amazing things about the place that I work is I have access to some great equipment.  I was thinking of taking a new supplement that I had just started doing some reading on and this would be the perfect opportunity to see if it was actually making a difference.  The idea behind the experiment was to figure out what my phase angle was and to see if it improved after I had been taking the supplement for a month.  The phase angle is an indicator of cellular health and integrity.    A low phase angle is consistent with the inability of cells to store energy and an indication of the break down in the selective permeability of cellular membranes.  A high phase angle is consistent with large quantities of intact cell membranes and body cell mass – an indicator of good overall health. (Plus too I am not going to lie I was curious as to measure the body fat composition which is also measured).

So to measure my phase angle/ body fat composition I needed to do a BIA, which can be referred to as a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, or sometimes as a Bioimpedance Analysis.  The test is conducted by a bioimpedance analyzer, which uses electrodes similar to EKG electrodes.  The analyzer calculates your tissue and fluid compartments using an imperceptible electrical current passed through pads placed on one hand and foot as you lie comfortably on a treatment bed.  Depending on if you are male or female and your age will depend on the ideal phase angle. 
The idea behind the experiment was to find out what my current phase angle was.  Then for a full month just take my fish oil and my daily probiotic supplements.  The supplement that I was interested in was the PhytoMulit from Metagenics.  I picked this product because it claims to protect your cells and maintain DNA stability.  The phytonutrients impact cell signaling to communicate healthy messages throughout the body.  With the essential vitamins and minerals, it would be a broad spectrum of health support, maybe eliminating the need for some of the other supplements I was taking. 

My ideal phase angle is 7.0 or greater.  After completing the BMI, my result for my phase angle came back at 6.1.  It was not even close to the ideal.  So for a full month I took my PhoytoMulti and didn’t change my eating habits that had been slipping with the increase in my work schedule.  I assumed that it would affect the results but I was surprised to see an increase to 6.8.  Although I still wasn’t at the ideal I had improved enough for me to want to continue with this particular supplement.  My energy level had improved and was feeling a little more balanced. 

Since this experiment, how I view my health has really changed.  Some of the supplements I was taking were to improve my energy levels and mood.  What I realized was that my body was lacking some of the essential vitamins and minerals that my body needed in order to function optimally. Treating the cause rather than the symptoms would have been much more effective.   Doing your research about all the possibilities affecting why you maybe feeling a certain way and looking at the cause rather than the symptoms may help you more effectively pick out the right supplement for your needs.  Talking to your healthcare practitioner, or nutritionist, may also be a good way for you to find the right balance.  Most importantly listening to your body and understanding that it is in constant change and the demands and needs may vary depending on the time of the year and what is actually happening in your life.    I would have to say that supplements are not a waste of money and they can actually improve your health and well-being, as long as you are taking the right supplements that are required.  

Taken from the blog: Mandy's Missive, by Mandy Christink  
Staff Pick
Metagenics PhytoMulti
Hailey Verch
Chiropractic  Assistant, Laser Therapist

The phytomulti contains all the essential vitamins and minerals for overall health support as well as a highly concentrated, full spectrum supply of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients protect our cells and allow them to communicate effectively throughout the body. Plus this multivitamin contains 10-12 servings of vegetables

10% off  for the month of June

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