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Meet Ivan: President of No Bullying Worldwide
Ivan, President of No Bullying Worldwide

Ivan is in ninth grade. He's also president of a company. Ivan and his classmates at Travis High School became entrepreneurs this year through the JA Company Program.

A Product with a Purpose
No Bullying Worldwide bracelet

Ivan and his fellow teen entrepreneurs formed and capitalized No Bullying Worldwide to address a social issue important to them. They marketed custom bracelets to draw attention to bullying in schools. 

Ivan's company designed yellow and blue bracelets to represent the sadness of bullying (blue) wrapped in the happiness of support from friends (yellow). Each bracelet has twice as many yellow strands as blue.

Sourcing Matters
Travis Rebel bracelets

No Bullywide Worldwide sourced its product from a classmate who was selling handmade bracelets in school colors to support his family.  The teen entrepreneurs custom ordered bracelets to further the goals of their company while providing critical income to their supplier. 

Downtown Office Tour: A New Experience
Rob Bridges guides students on a tour of Wortham

On December 13, teen entrepreneurs from No Bullying Worldwide visited Wortham for a tour of their office and to share what they had learned about entrepreneurship. 

The field trip was the first time in a downtown office building for all but one of the students. The teen entrepreneurs asked questions about the types of jobs available in downtown companies and the types of clients Wortham serves. 

Pitching: Practice Makes Perfect
Teen entrepreneurs answer questions from Wortham leaders

Students pitched their company's mission and product to Wortham employees.  No Bullying Worldwide sold 100% of their inventory during the tour! 

Rob Bridges and fellow Wortham execs applauded Ivan and his fellow entrepreneurs and encouraged them to set high goals for themselves.

A Gift of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment
Kirstin Erickson Ross models her new bracelet.

JA volunteer and school sponsor, Kirstin Erickson Ross, bought No Bullying Worldwide bracelets from JA teen entrepreneurs for holiday gifts.

Liquidity Event - Students become the Teachers
Ivan makes $300 contribution to YMCA from No Bullying Worldwide
On December 14, No Bullying Worldwide shareholders elected to donate 50% of their fall profits to the YMCA of Austin for bullying prevention programs. Ivan and three other students bought out the rest of the company's shareholders to keep running the business in 2017. 

In a school where nearly 4 out of 5 students qualify for free or reduced lunch, No Bullying Worldwide contributed $300 to the YMCA to support bullying prevention programs. #whoinspiredyou

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