Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team:
Kerry Morency, 41, from Littleton has been competing in Special Olympics for nearly three decades.  Thinking back to her life before Special Olympics, Kerry remembers a more difficult time.  "I did not fit in and I felt like I did not belong," Morency said.  "Growing up at school, in my regular classes, students would look at me different because I would go to a different building to take tests. People would ask me why I went to different classes, and I would tell them that I had special needs, but then they became weird around me.  They told me I was stupid. Sometimes I felt like people looked at me like I wasn't human."

At age 12, Morency went to her local Recreation Department.  "They had things for kids like me," Morency recalls, "and I got involved with Special Olympics. I finally found a place where I belonged." 

Today Morency competes in Bocce, Golf, Candlepin Bowling and Cross Country Skiing.  She has more medals and ribbons then she can count...and loves each and every one!