Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team:
My name is Lauren Hoepp.  I am a Special Olympics athlete and live in Hampton.  I got involved with Special Olympics last year.
My first practice was for swimming with the Dover Mighty Seals.  I had really high anxiety. I didn't know anyone on the team or what to expect.  After the practice, I was tired!  But I loved to swim and was very pleased to be around people like me.  I finally felt accepted - as an individual and as a teammate.

Today I compete with Special Olympics in Swimming and Candlepin bowling.  Swimming is my favorite sport because I love the water. I am good at swimming and I love  my swim team; we have a lot of fun. My favorite swim stroke is the freestyle and the backstroke.

I have also joined the Athlete Leadership Program where I am learning to be a spokesperson for Special Olympics.  Special Olympics helps me go outside of my comfort zone and socialize with people.  I am more outgoing now; I like to meet new people. It has kept me entertained and busy , I just love it and I call SONH my second family. Special Olympics has pushed me to not give up on myself and shows me that anything is possible with supportive people around you and a positive mindset.