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Employee of the Month!
Freya Ames
Fitness Assistant Manager & Personal Trainer 

Congratulations Freya!

Longtime employee at IHC , "Freya is kind, professional and compassionate".  Always interested in learning and  growing, she is a very valued member of the Team!

Amanda is Back!
With personal Experience with Infant Massage
Over the past two years I have been focusing my practice on pregnancy and infant massage. I have been taking courses to further my education and expand my skills. This has been very helpful to me, since my son was born in December. He has been very happy and receptive to his treatments that we have been doing at home.

Infant massage is a great way to bond with your new baby and help with muscular or digestive issues. For instance, babies are often constipated due to their underdeveloped digestive system and limited mobility. Applying massage directly on the abdomen can help move things along in their intestines. This makes for a happy and healthy baby which is a blessing for all caregivers. 
Are you a Gym Hater?
Claire Ullrich, MedEx/Rehab Trainer
We’ve all been there - you walk into a crowded gym full of buff, 20 year olds wearing tank tops, squatting 400+ lbs, grunting louder than a woman in labor.  Or perhaps you visit the gym at opportune times, when no one is there, yet even the machinery intimates you.  Treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers, kettle bells, bands, weight machines...all that equipment can be very confusing if you've not used them before.

The good news is, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you gain confidence in the gym setting:

1.  Set up an orientation

At IHC, our friendly staff can introduce you to our equipment and give you basic training on how to use them.  If  you want ongoing assistance, you can hire a trainer to show you around and teach you how to get the most out of your workout using the best equipment for you.  Once you know how the machines work, you'll feel much more comfortable about showing up for your workouts.

2.  Hire a personal trainer

A personal trainer can set you up with a full workout tailored towards your specific goals.  Everyone is different, and everyone learns at a different pace.  A personal trainer’s job is to help you become accustomed to exercising for YOUR body type, at YOUR pace.

3.  Find a workout buddy

We all have that one friend we’ve discussed exercising with, but plans never really seemed to match up. The trick is to commit to an exercise plan, and rely on one another for motivation. Staying on track with a new routine is always easier when a friend or relative is holding you accountable. 

4.  Try Medical Exercise

Medex is a private exercise routine, with a trainer who’s studied human movement.   Although it is monitored and safe, it is no walk in the park.  The workouts last a mere 15 minutes, due to the intensity, however high intensity interval training has proven to be one of the most effective forms of exercise.  Because it is only 15 minutes once a week, anyone can commit to that!  And results are guaranteed which means that you know you are not wasting your precious time.

5.  Choose less busy hours.

Finally, if it’s the sheer volume of people that intimidates you, IHC offers 24 hour access.  Which means you can literally exercise around the clock (not that we advise such a thing).  Although lunch hour and  5-7 p.m. may be packed, try coming first thing in the morning, or later in the evening to get your sweat on in peace!

The bottom line is, everyone deserves to feel good about themselves; whether you’re tall, short, thin, or curvy, we should all be interested in one thing:  staying healthy.  Don’t let your hatred for the gym environment keep you from taking care of your body.  
Client Story
Sherri O'Shaugnessey, Laser Therapist
"Because of Laser Therapy,
he got to keep riding his Harley!"
Jim is a 77 year old gentleman who used to ride a  Harley and  teach martial arts.  When he started Laser Therapy in January 2014, he had quit his martial arts teaching a due to the pain in his hands from years of martial arts including demonstrations of breaking bricks etc,  and he had sold his motorcycle.  After 12 laser treatments in five weeks and then monthly treatments for a year, Jim was riding a brand new Harley and back to teaching martial arts and even coaching a competitive team that travels the province. At this time, he continues to be on the board for the martial arts organization and he is l ooking forward to a long road trip this summer on his motorcycle!
This lovely gentlemen has been coming in now for his regular treatments every 3 months for the past couple of years. 
He is truly an inspiration to keep moving and keep doing what you love!

OTC Orthotics
Over the Counter or OTC orthotics mean that they are readily available to anyone, without a prescription.  At IHC, we have several options to choose from, with different features with each one.  The basic 'starter' orthotic that we carry is made by Birkenstock and like the sandals, is made out of cork.  It is metatarsal length, meaning that it supports from the heals to the base of the toes and has  a metatarsal pad built in, which is something that we often advise.  Other options are the MyFit Support Orthotic and the MyFit Heat-Moldable Orthotic.  Both are full length and help relieve common foot, arch and heel pain, including pain from plantar fasciitis.  The heat-moldable option allows for a semi custom fit and the support option Includes self-adhesive metatarsal pads.  Lastly, Vasyli is a product that works for patients at different weights and activity levels.  It is available in full and partial length options and is heat moldable for a semi-customized fit.  One of the advantages of buying a heat moldable orthotic at IHC is that, like with custom orthotics, you can have an appointment with the doctor who will adjust your feet and lower leg musculature and heat and fit your orthotic in the proper position so that the orthotic fits your foot in the ideal position, and not as it has become over years of dropping arches.  This method of fitting leads to more success with orthotics and less need for a break in period.
Fab Five
Top 5 Vitamins we recommend for daily use
Staff Pick
Diva Cup
Mandy Christink
Nutrition and Footwear Associate

My pick is the Diva Cup. 
Not only is it reusable and environmentally friendly, it is less stress for your body (no chemicals), saves money, and will accommodate your forever changing flow.  The best part is you can move with confidence through all your daily activities, yoga, swimming, camping, dancing and even extreme sports and more.    

10% off March 1st- 15th
Metagenics Ultrameal 
Amanda Myerscough
Registered Massage Therapist

A great quick snack that's packed with vitamins and minerals. It keeps me feeling my best during a busy day!

 10% off  March 16th-31st                               

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