Team USA Newsletter : Issue #2 : July 3rd
Meet The Team!
With the UCI BMX World Championships only a few weeks away we wanted to give you a more in-depth review of the staff & coaches of the USA Cycling Challenge Team.
Cody Wilson has been racing for 33 years and attended decades worth of UCI World Championships and been in numerous main events.
Chris Luna has decades of racing experience and knowledge of the event along with an entire family background in racing with his daughter.
Jeff Glynn has been traveling the UCI circuit for over a decade and works directly with the USA Cycling Elite Team.  Jeff has been the challenge team manager for many of the worlds in the last decade.
Mechanics & Medical Support
Jim Buchanan has been wrenching on bicycles a long time.  Currently under the Throdwn team pits you can find Jim and his team.  Jim has lead and wrenched teams to USA BMX national titles.

Bill Morris rides a bike nearly every day and puts himself at the forefront of being a mechanic working to keep his bicycles in top shape.

Woody Woodruff has been machining parts for nearly his entire life and racing for 40 years.  There is nothing Woody cannot fix with his knowledge of racing and engineering.
Mike Mckenney has been involved in treating BMX injuries for 3 years and attends many USA BMX nationals providing care and currently works at Grand Canyon University as the clinical coordinator of sports medicine.

Eddie Casillas has been racing BMX since the 1980's and currently treats some of the top motocross and supercross stars of the AMA while working for the Alpine Stars Medical Team.

Brandon Warner provides medical care to BMX athletes at select nationals and currently works at Grand Canyon University as the Director of Athletic Training education.

Marc Eilers provides medical coverage at USA BMX national events and currently works at Grand Canyon University.
Team Coaches
Kenth Fallen has been leading riders to main events for over a decade at World Championships. Kenth has a background in coaching and has assisted the USA Cycling High Performance efforts for many years.  Kenth will lead the coaches to the riders success.
Justin Travis is the Director of Coaching with USA BMX and leads the way at Ohio Dreams each summer for athlete camps.  Justin is instrumental in all avenues of the coaching staff.
Tyler Whitfield is a current UCI Elite rider and has coached riders to World Championship main events.  With Tyler's elite experience riders will have the knowledge they need to succeed.
Steven Adams directs the new rider and clinic programs at Grand Valley BMX and has raced for over a decade in the expert class.
Carley Young has been to numerous World Championships, made the main events and leads the way with her  "ride like a girl" themed clinics and race series around the country.
Devan Wilson has been to the podium at many World Championships.  As a USA BMX coach and the knowledge of racing for over 15 years she has no problem guiding an athlete to success.
Rachel Blackwell has been racing for over 20 years.  With Rachel's experience in fierce training and her many main events at high level races there will be no question that Rachel will assist riders to win.
Dave Stow is directly tied to the US Olympic Committee with his operational efforts at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center.  Dave has attended World Championships supporting both the Challenge and Elite team members.  Nobody understands Team USA better than Dave.
Janice Kitchen has been attending the World Championships for many years with her son.  Racing the UCI series is a familiar concept and Janice knows what it takes for a day of racing at the Worlds.
Jerry Pardue has attended many World Championships with his daughter.  Most recently coaching in Medellin Colombia we know that Jerry will be able to assist any age of child move thru staging and help team riders qualify to the main events.
Scott Moreland has attended a decade of World Championship and been on the gate for main events. Scott knows the UCI system and the international field of riders.  Scott will be assisting with many levels of strategy for the USA riders as they progress into the qualifying main events.
Team Support
Mara Fehd has been supporting USA BMX events for decades.  Mara has been involved in the logistics of some of the largest USA BMX National events.  With all of her children competing in travel teams Mara is no stranger to the water cooler or team snacks.
Connie Shepler has been logistic support for Grands and can handle the entire logistics of a large national event.  Connie has been working in BMX  for decades and attended the last world championships held in the USA so the world title is no stranger to Connie.
Jen Morris has been at nearly every USA BMX event for decades.  Any part of the logistics for a USA BMX event is a part of Jen's everyday task.  Assisting with Team USA behind the scenes with every aspect is part of Jen's everyday task for the month of July.
George Vick has been a part of Team USA in the past as a rider and assist with his knowledge on the current team.  Video production and communication will be a part of this current USA BMX employee's duties as we arrive into the World Championship.
Don't Forget
Be sure to purchase your event tickets for the race.  All spectators will need a ticket for entry into the race.  No exceptions!