Meet a Guide: Paul Nelson


Location: Colorado Springs


Family Members:  

Karen, my wife of 52 years, two adult daughters, Andrea and Heather, and four grandchildren



Organizational development, woodworking, golf, hiking, sailing (in diminishing order of active involvement)



Mentoring young leaders, "retired" Executive Director of The Crowell Trust, various ministry leadership positions



"Manhood" has become a do-it-yourself project for many guys in our culture.  Trial and error can leave a lot of debris on the landscape.  Training Ground creates a context in which young men can explore the essential questions and experience the full orb of what it means to be challenged.   As they tap into godly sources of wisdom and experience, the image of their personal "Manhood Project" can emerge with a realistic assessment of their unique resources as well as their desired outcome.  That's an amazing gift to him and to his family, both current and future.   


Contact Information: