Meet VICTOR and ANN MARTINEZ, Friends members since 2014!
December 2016
Friends of the Boca Raton Public Library, Inc.
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Victor and Ann Martinez
Past employment and history working with the Friends of the Boca Raton Public Library, Inc.:

Victor is retired from civil/structural engineering, having worked for various organizations across the country in highway, traffic and landscape design.  Ann is a retired  accountant, and earned an MBA from the University of Louisville.  Upon moving to Boca Raton from Kentucky where they met and married over 35 years ago, they became regular attendees of the many varied Friends events at the library.  Ann started volunteering at the Friends bookstore in 2014, and quickly shared her enthusiasm with her husband, Victor, who joined the Friends the same year as an Ambassador, helping to run the behind-the-scenes set up and the checking in of attendees at Friends events.   Their dedication and commitment to the Friends has made them both invaluable members of our team, with Ann currently serving as interim bookstore volunteer coordinator and mentor, and Victor joining the Friends Board this past year as co-chair of the Ambassador Program with Board member, Marilyn Spechler.  
Q: Background and notable achievements:

Victor grew up speaking a variety of languages.  He is a native of Ecuador, where as a child he spoke Quechua, one of the official languages of Ecuador, and the language of the Incas, the largest empire of pre-Columbian America, his father having been born of the Inca tribe known as the Huancavilca.  He learned French from his mother, who emigrated with her family to Ecuador as to child from France, and attended Catholic school as a child, where he spoke Spanish, and learned English.  Having traveled widely, he has also learned some Italian and Chinese.    

Ann grew up on a 70-acre family farm in Butler County, Kentucky that is still owned by her family, has grown to 1200 acres, and was part of a Western Kentucky University archaeological dig.  She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, being a lineal descendent of a Revolutionary patriot, tracing her ancestry to Scotland and England.  She and Victor are also both members of the Kentucky Colonels , a philanthropic civic organization that recognizes individuals for their service and accomplishments on behalf of their communities. They have also both done work on behalf of Habitat for Humanity , an international organization dedicated to providing people with affordable housing - Victor as a volunteer engineer in housing design and construction, and Ann as an accountant with BankAtlantic in its partnership with that organization.

In addition to their work in our community as part of the Friends, Victor and Ann enjoy traveling and visiting family. We are fortunate to have such a dynamic pair as part our team!
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