Meet some of our Guatemalan staff members,
Silvia, Emmanuel and Minga. 
Meet Our Staff

At New Life Children's Home, our staff plays an essential role in the daily life of each of our kiddos. We not only believe that our staff is a blessing to NLCH, but that we have become a blessing in their lives as well. We have seen miraculous changes in our children and the impact it has made in our staff serving with us. Our staff is the HEART of New Life Children's Home, and we are blessed to have them! 


Wendy Wheeler
NLCH Director
Silvia Carin: Home Parent (Boys)

Silvia has served with us as a Home Parent at NLCH for five years. Her care and concern for the boys' behavior and spiritual health is to be commended. Read below for a short Q&A with Silvia.

Q: What brought you to NLCH?
A: I asked the Lord for a job where I could serve Him. I am thankful that He sent me to NLCH. I like to share and give love to those who need it, because God had blessed my life.  

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?
A: The opportunity to share our lives and spend time with the kids.

Q: What is a memory that sticks with you from your time at NLCH? 
A:  When two of the young men started working, they used part of their first payment to buy me some bread in gratitude for the care I give them.

Emmanuel Mendez: Youth Pastor   

Emmanuel is a vital part of our NLCH family. His pastoral and counseling work are invaluable for our children. He also  teaches Bible and spiritual life at  New Life Christian SchoolRead below for more from Emmanuel.

Q: What do you love about NLCH?
A: I treasure the moments that I spend one-on-one with the boys to talk about their lives and how God has always been there. I also like the time with them in Bible studies on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evenings.
Q: What is your wish for the children at NLCH?
A:  My desire is for each of these children to recognize that Jesus is the Son of God and Savior of their lives. I want them to see the consequences of each action they take. Proverbs teaches to not take the way of fools, but instead to be wise. God has plans of good for them, and I wish with all my heart that they would let themselves be molded by their Creator and that they love Him as they have never loved anyone.

Q: How can we pray for you?
A:  As I serve with my wife Samantha at NLCH, please pray for God to show us ways to teach the Bible to the children in a contextual way so that they might be able to recognize Jesus.

Minga Millan: Cook     

Minga has served with us at NLCH for nearly 20 years! She is a mother to seven children of her own, as well as all of our NLCH kids. Read below for more from Minga.

Q: What is a highlight to all of your years at NLCH?
A: I will never forget when we inaugurated the new dining hall. Everyone was so excited to begin using the new space, including myself! 

Q: What do you like most about your job? 
A:  The honesty that I receive from the people I work for. I also love cooking for the children at the NLCH.

Q: How can we pray for you?
A: For my kids that are in the States, for my family here in Guatemala, and my health.