Meet some of our Guatemalan staff 
members: Faviola, Mariano & Carol  
Meet Our Staff

Throughout this year, we've used these monthly newsletters to introduce you to some of our Guatemalan staff members. NLCH is full of dedicated, caring and nurturing staff, and they are used mightily by the Lord as we see children in crisis become children in Christ. As 2017 draws to a close, this will be our last staff newsletter, but you can look ahead to 2018 when we will be introducing you to our New Life Advance International missionaries. 

We know that with the holiday season just around the corner, schedules are about to get full. But would you take a few moments to meet these special staff members, and to say a prayer of peace and wisdom over their interactions with our NLCH kids and their other co-workers? 


Wendy Wheeler
NLCH Director
Faviola Rodriguez: Administrator

Faviola is always a smiling face in our office! She is one of six siblings, so hard work and big families have always been a part of her story. On top of all she already does, Faviola is currently furthering her education, and we couldn't be more proud of her.  Read below for a short Q&A with Faviola.

Q: What brought you to NLCH?
A: For me, NLCH has been a n answer to prayer. I had asked the Lord for a job where I could perform well and serve Him at the same time, and He provided mightily through this opening at NLCH.

Q: Tell us of an important memory from your years at NLCH.
A: One of the scariest things that I have experienced while working at NLCH is when one of our girls became very sick after a routine surgery. Soon after, she was feeling horrible - like she was dying - and we had to do something. We prayed, asking God for guidance, and we took her to another hospital. I went with her in the ambulance, and I felt so powerless. When we got to the hospital, they examined her and diagnosed that she had meningitis. Thank God she recovered, and I was even blessed to attend her quinceaƱos celebration.

Q: What is your prayer for the kids at NLCH?  
A:  My longing for them is that they would take advantage of their time at NLCH and consider it as a life-giving opportunity.
Mariano and Carol Escobar: Home Parents 
Mariano and Carol are some of our newest staff members at NLCH! 

Q: What do you like most about NLCH?
A: I am so thankful to see t hat Jesus is the center and guide, and most of all I am proud to work alongside others who have a  vision for transforming, guiding and forming not only children, but also young adults. In other Homes were we've worked, after 18 they were sent away, and they did not give them any opportunities .
Q: How have you seen the Lord work through you?
A:  There is a pre-teen boy who came to the Home with lots of hurts and anger in his life. One time, he got upset with someone else and started cussing and tried to hit me (Mariano). I held his hand, hugged him, and started praying for him. We fell to the floor and after a while he started crying quietly and laid on my arm. I could see the special boy I knew to be there beginning to peek out, amidst all of his anger and pain.

Q: Share your Christian testimony.
A:  We have been married for 23 years. We have three sons and two daughters. We would like to share that of the 5; we have 2 that are adopted. One of them is our grandson that our son was not able to care for at that time.  

Q: How can we pray for you?
A:  That our words might be a blessing and for wisdom for each day. We pray to see transformation and heart change within the young men that we  care for here at NLCH.