Meet some of our Guatemalan staff 
members:  Patty, Milton and Olga. 
Meet Our Staff

This year has definitely flown by, but I've been so thankful for the opportunity to introduce you to so many of our talented, caring and dedicated staff members. This month, I want you to meet Paty, Milton and Olga. Their commitment to being a part of seeing children in crisis become children in Christ motivates our missionary staff to keep going through all of the ups and downs. Would you join me in saying a prayer for them today?


Wendy Wheeler
NLCH Director
Paty Trejo Mayorga: Cook

Paty has been a familiar face around NLCH since 2000. She has two daughters  and is one of five siblings. On any given day, you're mostly likely to find Paty behind the counter of the NLCH kitchen in the process of making tortillas. Read below for a short Q&A with Paty.

Q: What brought you to NLCH?
A: I had a desire to overcome the situation I was in and have my own income. The year I started at NLCH, I started a new life in a new place.

Q: Tell us of an important memory from your years at NLCH.
A: I will never forget the loss of two of our kids, Jose Angel (Sept. 2007) and Melvin (Dec. 2015). I know that everything happens for a reason and God is in control, but both situations were very sad and painful for me.

Q: What is your prayer for the kids at NLCH?  
A: I wish that they would become virtuous men and women, that they wouldn't stray from the correct path and that as they prepare for the future, they would be respectful and honor God.
Milton Del Pinal: Maintenance
Milton has been a special part of our NLCH staff for five years. His wife, Betty, is a home parent to the older boys. We are forever grateful for their tender care of our sweet Melvin, who went to be with the Lord nearly two years ago. Read below for more from Milton.

Q: What is your prayer for the kids at NLCH?
A:  That they would be good citizens and that they would fear the Lord.

Q: Share your Christian testimony.
A: I accepted the Lord when I was 15 years old because I had a lot of family problems. I thank God that I have followed Him since that time. I realize now that there are always problems, but I am able to make it through with God's help.  

Q: How can we pray for you?
A:  For new strength every day, to fear Jehovah every day of our life, and that I would serve my Lord always with humble and meekness. 
Olga Esquivel: Home Parent (Girls)     
Olga has the very demanding job of serving as a home parent with our energetic, dramatic and feisty females. We are so thankful for her and echo her prayer for wisdom and patience. Read below for more from Olga.

Q: What brought you to NLCH? 
A: Just over three years ago, I wanted to be part of a team to take care of children in need. I found what I was looking for at NLCH. 

Q: Tell us about your Christian testimony. 
A:  I have known the Lord since I was a little girl, and he has been my strength and my all in all.

Q: How can we pray for you?
A: I daily ask  the Lord that he give me wisdom, patience, intelligence and grace so that I could do what he want with his little ones.