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STAR Students & Teachers

The Barrow County Chamber of Commerce recognized Barrow County School System High School Star Students and Star Teachers February 15, 2017. The PAGE Foundation STARS program honors Georgia's highest achieving high school seniors and the teachers who have been most instrumental in their academic development.

Apalachee High Student Ryan Miller on Mr. Aaron Cleveland -  
"Mr. Cleveland brings an enthusiasm and passion to the classroom that is truly unique. He presented US History content in such an energetic way that I would actually get excited to receive an assignment in the textbook."

Apalachee High Teacher Aaron Cleveland on Ryan Miller -
"Ryan has a head on his shoulders that I admire. He is a young man that has kept his eyes on the prize, worked incredibly hard, challenged himself and, all throughout seemed to have fun. I want to be like Ryan."

Winder-Barrow Student Isaac St.Clair on Mr. Matt Perry - 
"Mr. Perry has had an indescribable impact on my life for 12 years, as Soccer Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Family friend and Role Model. In particular I have to credit Mr. Perry for my passion. Whether instilling the competitive urge in soccer or connecting a piece of Literature to a life lesson, he teaches his students to better themselves. I will never be able to pay it back, but I fully intend to pay it forward."

Winder-Barrow Teacher Matt Perry on Isaac St.Clair -
"A STAR Student requires something different: they just need a mentor to open doors and point the direction. Then they go, and when they come back, they amaze you with what they bring. In soccer, Isaac played defense. That means to play without fear, and go after the dribblers, shooters and superstars and close them down. Isaac does not look intimidating, but I can assure you, he is a monster. I have watched Isaac take on all and every academic challenge WBHS can throw at him. He never saw an AP class he wouldn't take. For the past four years our faculty has been frantically looking for ways to further challenge him. For four years he's accepted every challenge." 

Citizen of the Year

Our honoree came here a number of years ago, raised a family, and supported her husband's business. But her family came first. She was committed to seeing that her children were well-mannered, were behaved, and were educated. She succeeded in that. After her children moved on, she must have gotten bored.

Her passion was her God, her family, and her community. She'd been a girl scout leader. She'd been a church leader. But she wanted more. And Barrow County wanted more of her. Soon, she was on the Barrow County Library Board. Her passion for children brought her to a leadership position with the Barrow County School System, where she became the coordinator of the Barrow Book Partnership. Through the efforts of many, but led by our honoree, the Barrow Book Partnership serves the women, infants and children's program (W.I.C.) at the Barrow County Health Department, by providing a gift bag with a free book inside, and information about reading. W.I.C. classes are attended by library staff to tell about the program, and to sign families up for library cards. Staff from the school system emphasize the importance of talking, reading and interacting with children, and provide role modeling.

Ellen was instrumental in raising funds to extend and enhance the program that benefits those who most need it - all without fanfare, or in looking for recognition herself. If you saw her coming, though, look out!

We want to recognize Ellen Petree for the service to the citizens and to the community. Her passion and drive for service to her fellow man shows each and every day. She cares about Barrow County and for those who need care the most.   
4-H Day at the Capital

Eight Barrow County School System student representatives visited the Georgia State Capitol on Wednesday, February 8, to participate in 4-H Day at the Capitol. Apalachee High students Hunter Perkins and Makayla Orr served as pages for Representative Terry England. Winder-Barrow High students Bo Robinson and Jordan Jones with Bramlett Elementary students Jake Bramlett, Bryce Duncan, Brooklyn Garrett, and Amelia Shipman also attended. Students enjoyed touring the Capitol, meeting Representative England, and watching a Senate legislative session. 4-H stands for head, heart, hands, and health. The program focuses on citizenship, healthy living, science, engineering, and technology programs. Students learn to do by doing. 
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Congratulations to our Teams Advancing in Competition

County Line Elementary(1st place) & Bear Creek Middle(2nd place) are advancing to Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl   Divisionals!

Winder-Barrow High Girls Basketball team win the Region Championship for the first time since 1962 and the Boys Basketball team earned a berth in the State Playoffs for the first time in 7 years!
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