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Youth: Their Rights. Our Responsibility.

Greetings from IOFA!


In the past year, you have helped secure the futures of young people around the world and protected youth from human trafficking, violence, and exploitation through your support for IOFA. (If you would like to learn more about our successes this year, you can read our fall newsletter here.) We're making progress, but youth around the world continue to face serious challenges, from dangers of leaving orphanage care to the growing number of homeless youth in the U.S. who are vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking.

When you give to IOFA, you know that you are giving young people around the world hope for the future.

You're also supporting an organization that you can count on to make the most of its resources in the fight on behalf of vulnerable youth.  Here's what makes us different from other organizations:

1.  We use our resources wisely. We're a small, efficient organization with low overhead. Our projects are targeted, well-researched, thoroughly planned, and professionally executed in order to achieve maximum results on a minimal budget. That means that your donation goes to programs that support and protect vulnerable youth, not to fancy office space.
2.  We're team players. We engage and inspire organizations and individuals that share our commitment to addressing issues that affect young people. Our work strengthens communities and creates a comprehensive response to the exploitation of youth.
3.  We never forget that we exist to serve young people. That means that IOFA's work is designed with input from youth and with the goal of protecting their rights. Our focus on the needs and perspectives of youth is what makes our programs succeed.  
We look forward to working with you in 2012 to fight for the rights and safety of youth around the world.
Thank you for your support.
Shelby French, MsC, MSW
Executive Director

Goal: $20,000
Raised so far: $15,000
12 days and $5,000 left to go!
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Our Mission
Improving the lives of young people by addressing critical and emerging issues affecting vulnerable adolescents around the world.

Our Vision
IOFA envisions a world where adolescents and youth are able to exercise their human rights and to realize their full potential as positive and productive members of society without fear of exploitation, violence, or neglect.
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