Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time
Friday, November 24, 2017
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Prayer Practice for the Week
Who are you in the story?
Scripture stories often have a number of characters that make up the drama. Who do you identify with by default? Are you the one Jesus is talking to? Are you the one Jesus is healing? What about the bystanders? What about the opposition?

Today, re-read Luke 5:17-39; only this time imagine you are another character. If you first thought of yourself as one of friends, what might it be like for you to be the person on the mat, or one of the accusers?
Daily Devotion

Scripture of the Day
For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will save it. ( Luke 9:24)

I went indoor rock-climbing once. Elise and I packed all our stuff up and I returned my gear. “You know, it didn’t matter what route you were on, or where in the gym you were, about 25 feet up you just stopped, froze, and begged to come down.” And my coming down, she kindly pointed out, was none too graceful. To safely repel off a wall, you have to fully lean back, trusting the rope to hold you. Me, I’d half-cling to the wall and half-close my eyes until my wobbling legs crumpled on the mat below. So many of my choices are made in fear, vain attempts to stave off some awful outcome. What if I could trust that the rope would hold? What if I more fully believed I was safe and capable — despite the so-called “evidence” I’m so sure adds up to my demise? 

Saving Spirit, I am too often spooked. I am too hesitant to do anything to lose what I have already achieved, even though you have promised me that it might gain me my life. En-courage me. Em-bold-en me. Make me bold and courageous in following Jesus. Amen.
Spiritual Practice
The day after Thanksgiving is all about left-overs -- a second chance to appreciate the flavors of gratitude and hospitality. Email Greg a recipe you loved from this year's feast. (Since, it's a day late, you may have to call up the chef and ask for a copy. While you're at it, give them an extra "Thank you" for their gift of food!)