Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time
Monday, November 27, 2017
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Prayer Practice for the Week
Who are you in the story?
Scripture stories often have a number of characters that make up the drama. Who do you identify with by default? Are you the one Jesus is talking to? Are you the one Jesus is healing? What about the bystanders? What about the opposition?

Today, re-read John 8:1-11; only this time imagine you are another character. If you first thought of yourself as Jesus, or a bystander, what would happen if you were the one who picked up the stone first? Or were the last to put it down?
Daily Devotion

Scripture of the Day
God saw everything that was made, and indeed, it was very good. ( Genesis 1:31)

I believe God did the creating. I am sure that the two stories we get in the bible of how it all happened are just that: stories. I imagine them told by grandmothers to the children before bed, by uncles to the village around a campfire. They are not historical records of what happened; they are tales that reveal what is true. And there is no truth greater than this: everything that is is good. Indeed, very good. On the days when I think I am an idiot and my labor useless and empty — nope, very good. On the days when I think everyone in the world is two pancakes short of a stack — nope, very good. And… related, there is no Devil — no red-skinned, black-bearded, horned, hooved, tailed demon wielding a pitchfork out to get you. There is only goodness in the world. Evil and trial are real. They are the echoes of sin and the collected consequence of broken promises and failed faith.

God, make us again. Correct our flaws and our failures. But equally remind us that though walls have cracked and bones have been broken, with you we have the power to mend and heal and bring back the underlying goodness that is throughout your Creation. Amen.

Two Crosses

Borg offers us two images: 1) The Jesus of History — the guy who did and said some things; 2) The Christ of Faith — the lived experience of the Jesus community after the Resurrection. How are these two images impacting your faith? Reflect on two more images: 1) Jesus on the Cross — suffering because of our sin, our betrayal, denial, rejection, and fear; 2) The Empty Cross — a weapon of execution powerless against the forces of life and justice.