Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
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Prayer Practice for the Week
Intercessory Prayer
There are many ways to love our neighbor, but intercessory prayer—praying on behalf of other people—is surely one of the most powerful. In this type of prayer, we bring the person or the circumstance that troubles us before God until we can sense and be changed by God’s attitude toward that person or circumstance. ( Learn more.)
Daily Devotion

Scripture of the Day
You are my beloved child with whom I am well-pleased. ( Luke 3:22)

These words spoken to Jesus by the Holy Spirit (in the form of a dove) at the moment of his baptism are the same words spoken to each person at the moment of theirs. Baptism is, as the liturgy says, the “outward and visible signs of the indwelling grace of God.” The promise is threefold: I am loved; I am chosen; I am a delight to God. If Micah 6:8 — justice, kindness, and humility — is to be our way of doing, Luke 3:22 is to be our way of being. I have not always been convinced of my inherent worth, nor persuaded the same blessing given to Jesus can belong to me. Then again, God didn’t ask me! I am loved and lovable whether I like it or not. And, if that’s the case, then, it’s probably the case for my neighbor, too. And my enemy.

Holy Spirit, descend upon me in the form of a dove — or a dog or a raccoon or a squirrel or a spider or a leaf or a raindrop — and speak these words to my heart. May the water of my baptism soak my soul with the knowledge of your love and the conviction of my worth. Amen.
Spiritual Exercise

Muppet Theory is a little-known, poorly understood philosophy that holds that every living human can be classified according to one simple metric: Every one of us is either a Chaos Muppet or an Order Muppet. Which Muppet are you? ( Read more.)