Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time
Friday, December 8, 2017
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Prayer Practice for the Week
Clearness Committee
This is the last week of “Meeting Jesus Again.” How has this experience and book-study changed your life? How has it deepened your faith? What is God calling you to next?

Quaker Clearness Committee is a small group that is called together to assist a person who is seeking the Holy Spirit's direction. In this process of discernment, the participants listen for God who is speaking through each person present. If the participants are hearing the Spirit's leadings, there is a common direction that is discerned. ( Continue reading.)

Today, where do you want to hold your Clearness Committee? What is shape of the space; how do you want to set up your discernment experience?
Daily Devotion

Scripture of the Day
For you shall go out in joy, and be led back in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall burst into song, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. ( Isaiah 55:12)
A lot of sentences in scripture start with “and” and “for.” I assume it is a feature of the oral tradition that made it to the written versions. The “and”s make sense to me: an addition to what came before. But the “for”s sometimes mess me up. They seem to work, at times, like a “because.” Such and such, because you shall go out in joy. At other times, they work more like a “therefore.” Blah blah blah, therefore you shall be led back in peace. I wonder, though, if they also work like a “when.” I do not believe that God waits for me to get it right. Sweet mercy, that’d be a long, long wait! But, I do believe that the blessings of God open up to me when I follow Jesus more closely. Because/therefore/when I am next in a difficult conversation I will leave it in joy, glad for the exchange, and I will return to my neighbor with only peace and appreciation in my heart.

God, instead of the thorn might you let come up a cypress? Instead of the brier how about sweet myrtle? And my life will be a monument to this covenant we share. Amen.
Spiritual Practice

‘Tis the season for shopping. How many gifts are you buying this year? What is 10% of that? In stewardship we talk about a 10% tithe of your resources to the church. What if, in the same spirit, we purchased 10% of our gifts from local stores, artisans, and experiences? 

Read “ Buying Local: How It Boosts the Economy,” by Judith D. Schwartz